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  1. Didn't think anybody know...I must be 1 in a million case. Or maybe topicals are just not meant for the body because as a teen I used topcials for years on my face with no problems. And 3 diff derms told me retinods are def a no no for the body so won't even bother trying them.
  2. I'm a 31 year old male and started out of nowhere getting moderate back acne at 27. Red angry zits and occassional cyst and of course other acne stuff etc. I did have severe acne as a teen on my face but only non inflammatory acne on my back. Finished a course of accutane on my 20th birthday been clear ever since. Although some mild back acne returned several years later but nothing I ever paid attention too really till at 27 where I started exploding in zits I never had. Face crystal clear till