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  1. @Obi wan thank you for your advice. I think that some of my deepest scars are tethered and many are not. I have tried CO2 fractional laser available in my country (ablative with recovery time 7-10 days several sessions throughout my 20s, I even tried fully ablative CO2 when I was 16 with recovery time of 3 weeks when my deepest scars were already present, but then had more acne and smaller textural scars), the lasers helped me with scar pigmentation and skin texture but didnt really help with th
  2. @AcousticRaspberry if you do only individual subcisions you might be fine - he says you can only expect around 20 % improvement on average after individual subcision and then he tries to persuade you to do the ´field subcision´ instead as this works much better, he claims, and he cant explain why - I advise you against this as it is much more expensive and me and others saw no result from this.. (plus new scars in my case, as he uses one point to reach through your entire cheek)..
  3. @beautifulambition just to be clear I was not just unhappy with the amount of filler he used. I felt botched and scammed - I still have two small pigmented holes after his cannula that I have no idea how to fix. - I never got this with other doctors using cannulas or Nokor. These two new scars made me feel so desperate, I wish he would be more conservative and carefull when choosing the right cannula size and technique for my skin rather than the amount of filler.. I would like to see
  4. Hey @currybeard, I woud like to help but I am confused myself since the experts endorsed on this forum did not help me at all.. You have different scars than most of us and I have no idea how they should be treated. But Dr Novick is very expensive and stingy with filler ( sometimes I wonder if he even used some on me). I like the fact that Dr. Emil uses different cannulas for subcision now, and maybe it would be cheaper for you and not much different from what Novick could do? He can a
  5. @currybeard Hi, I wouldnt go to see Novick again, I am thinking about going to see Dr. Emil myself - (I tagged you in a post where someone posted some info about his cannular subcision). I still have 2 small pigmented scars after the cannula entry on my cheeks from Novick, so I not only got zero result but also two new scars.. I have done quite a few treatments with different doctors but was never left with new scars - even after a fully ablative laser. I am not sure if the positive reviews on R
  6. In my view it is true that Prof. Chu is limited with his treatments he only offers Nokor subcision which is meant for deeper scars, no cannula for textural scars .. He only performed subcision on two of my scars with Nokor (and I have many more rolling scars) and one smaller scar got even worse from it. I have many textural scars and cannula field subcision was what Dr. Novick did for me after Chu without any use of Nokor. This also didn't help much - due to lack of filler perhaps but felt like
  7. @Obi wan why do u keep on promoting Novick so much? The poster has already mentioned he was of no help to him before.. I personally went to see him (due to this continuous endorsement).. with a similarly poor result.
  8. Nina22


    @Katski84 Hey, I had ablative lasers done before and always used Avene Cicalfate cream and nothing else - I really like it.. The burnt skin will get darker and then peel off - it can take around 10 days to have it all healed and then the skin remains more sensitive so apply the highest SPF all the time .. I wouldn't put anything else on my face other than what your doc recommends, I don't even like to wash the wound too much with water, just use cotton pads with some avene thermal water or so, a
  9. Except he didnt even discuss the amount of filler with me so it was not my choice.. but I surely paid enough for 4 syringes .. He basically proposed the field subcision as the best treatment for my case saying I would be happy with the results.. He tried to put me off from the individual subcisions, and even said he was 'trying to save me money here' When I asked him for a brand he was going to use he said it was unimportant as it should solely serve as a spacer ... He didn't care about levelin
  10. Thanks for the reactions, @beautifulambition you are right about the fat deficiency in my left cheek, this is the area that was nicely filled by my local doc last year and the effect lasted for months - I thought this would be such an easy fix for Novick. I also felt how he seperated this area with cannula but he must have added a microscopic amount of filler because there was no lift at all... so, I assume now after 2 months the skin there is reattached again? - and I will need to have anoth
  11. Hi All, I would like to share my experience with Dr. Novick. I travelled to Israel to see him, as he was so highly recommended in here, spent a lot of money for the treatment and got no visible improvement. Even worse, I'm now worried about a new scar left after the cannula entry on my right cheek bone. The treatment I received was the 'field subcision', he only used one entry point for each cheek and 7 weeks later the points are still dark and I can see a small hole especially on my rig
  12. @EvidentNancy at least your improvement on one side is quite OK. I went to see him as well and feel like I spent money for nothing, I see no improvement after 2 weeks from his field and individual subcision.. He didn't even fill up my scars enough so they would level up at least for few months or so.. I cant believe how highly recommended he is in here..
  13. Yes, it was immediate due to the filler - I got Bellotero. I think cannula created a good pocket for it so the area got lifted nicely with the filler. On my other smaller scars where I didn't get subcision just the filler I got some donut effect or the filler just went away very quickly.. I think I eventually needed Nokor anyway to really cut through all the tethers.. But since I already heart popping with cannula I think it also helped to create enough space for the filler.. Some say cannula is
  14. @Amp2695 I talked about this in another post but I had one deeper scar subcised with a blunt cannula a year ago and heart some popping sound and then had it filled straight (there was almost no bleeding since cannula enters the skin few cm away from a scar) and then in a week time I had it filled again even more to level it out after swelling.. I got pretty impressive improvement maybe 90% for 4-5 months it became invisible and now after a year there is no filler left and I think it's still 50 %