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  1. third month now, no pimples at all since the last time i logged on. just a bunch of old scars that are fading. i use about two on-the-spot bp tubes per month. almost every hour of the day, i keep an eye out for new pimples forming. sometimes i'll have a small red spot here and there that feel slightly itchy and look like future pimples and i'll put my antibiotic/bp ointment on them and the redness disappears after a day. so, it's a pretty high maintenance job, keeping guard of my face all d
  2. Neutrogena has a new product called, bump minimizing lotion. Just apply it twice a day to reduce symptoms. To be honest w/ you, there's nothing to get rid of it. The bumps you have right now will just sit there for months and months and will eventually fade and leave scars. Just don't squeeze or scratch them cause they'll take longer to heal. Also, you may form new ones along the way no matter what you do to prevent them. So, just accept it and hope someday you'll grow out of it.
  3. in the past month, i've had about one new pimple on the side of my face which disappeared in a week. scars are healing well and my complexion is getting better. my skin is a shade darker than it should be, but i don't think it's the bp. i blame it on my previous 8 year usage of retin-a, which has really darkened my skin. i need found any need for moisturizer since i started using bp. my skin isn't too dry or too oily, it's just right. well, i couldn't be happier w/ the progress so far.
  4. i'll take a red face over a face full of acne any day.
  5. just use a sterilized pin and dig it out. i get those under my lower eyelids once and a while. yes, it does damage your skin, but it's such a pin-point scar that it will heal completely and disappear w/in a week or so.
  6. strange, one morning after showering, i didn't put bp on my face till an hour later, and within that hour, i got a zit on the side of my cheek. i guess i'll be on this bp stuff 4 life. no breakouts so far and i've been clear for over a month now.
  7. 21st day w/ no breakouts. Went out the other night and not once worried about breaking out, so I had a good time. Some girl walked by me and said, damn he's hot. That must mean I'm really improving. I even stayed up till the next day w/out any sleep and got all stressed throughout the day from lack of sleep, but still, no breakouts. I don't know why, but I'm so jealous of myself. I guess I'm not used to having a new me around.
  8. maybe beer reduces inflammation. like right when you wake up in the morning and your face feels refreshed? well, i get the same feeling with my face after drinking. it's just a little temporary side-effect of alcohol. nothing worth wowing about.
  9. U sure it's not keratosis pilaris? That is an uncurable condition that causes goosebump-like skin. People usually get it on their arms, chest, & back. It's possible to get it on the face, too.
  10. BP doesn't seem to do much with the scars. The light therapy temporarily burned my face and a few layers of skin fell off afterwards. So that has helped. But a strong dose of RetinA has also helped in the past. About once or twice a month, my face would suddenly get red and dry and a layer of skin would peel off. I can't use RetinA anymore, though, cause i have BP on my face all day. I'll probably continue w/ the light treatments. So, basically, I think that any treatment that makes your
  11. My face is 100% pimpless right now. I have alot of old scars and imperfections which have cleared by 75%. I used to have two pimples on the side of my neck, but used to miss that area when applying the bp. Few nights ago, I had a slight breakout, because it was a really long day and I didn't get to wash my face till late that night. Amazingly, they pretty much disappeared in a day or two. So, I give myself half a year for my complexion to be flawless. DAN'S THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. it's been another week now and no breakouts. face is amazingly better. i feel free, no longer having to worry on a daily basis.
  13. I posted a log a few days ago, but then that and my account were erased. So, lemme give a brief summary of my situation. Had persistent acne for about 8 years. Been on pretty much everything. Topical and oral antibiotics, RetinA, Accutane. Tried Accutane twice, only worked while I was on it. Seems like it's only meant for cystic acne. Then I tried light therapy two weeks ago. My face looked like it was sunburned. It has helped peel my face to reduce scars and marks, but I was still bre