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  1. I just purchased Alpha Hydrox AHA lotion specifically to help clear my red marks faster. It breaks down skin cells so I think it promotes faster fading. Do a few searches and see if AHA would be good for your skin type, what you need to get helped, etc
  2. i would just like to clarify this. do i leave a huge dab on the active pimple OR do i massage it around and into the pimple very slowly? seems like if i massage it around it seems to get it in a huge area instead of focusing on the pimple this would be at night obviously i would have to work it in during the day so i don't have a blotch on my face thanks in advance
  3. so the only pimples i pop/drain now are the fat cysts i get on my nose because they are unbearable to the human eye. after i pop one, or the days after when there is still the open wound and it hasn't healed, is it safe to put AHA over it? should i wait until the blood dries so there is a bit of a surface to work it on? or should i not apply it at all and just wait until skin forms over to use it to get rid of the scar or blemish? thanks, i appreciate the help, nn
  4. no, but I'm 16 so I usually get flare ups in pretty random areas. right now the pimples faded super fast and now there are only 2 new active ones, but it seems like it's under control without BP. in the morning in the shower i use the cleanser on it real quick but i don't at night so there is minimal irritation i'm just afraid BP will cause more scarring and irritation than if i do without. for now i'll just leave it alone and i think it'll be fine. let me know if you have any other advice
  5. well it looks like for the past 2-3 weeks i've been getting some acne activity on the left and right sides of my neck, under the ear area. 2-3 mild sized pimples on the left 4-5 mild sized pimples on the right i'm afraid if i use BP it will lead to some scarring or it would spread the pimples more. should i start to regularly (2x day) use BP on the spots, or wait it out a few more weeks to see if activity will die? it doesn't seem extreme by any means but it's ugly and i would like to get rid
  6. i know it might be torture, but don't eat any popcorn for 2-3 weeks and see what happens. popcorn is super prone to making ppl have acne
  7. *COUGH* sounds like someone posting on behalf of the company? yep. probably someone from their shitty marketing department
  8. I'm planning on going out tonight with a couple of hot blondes and am wondering if there is any way to make the redness a lot less, or at least make them more focused on the pimples. It seems like there is a 1/4 inch diameter around each of the two pimples of redness which is sensitive to touch. These are newly forming and i guess this is how it usually happens on my nose, they take forever. unlike other places on my face that have a usually very short life cycle. talking long term, i started t
  9. i think ideally as long as you're not moving around to pick up debris on your face it's ok since you won't be rubbing in stuff after you washed your face when you put on the bp and moisturizer i think you should put the moisturizer on maximum 15-20 minutes after though, just get it over and i think your skin would like the extra mositure when you put on the dry BP
  10. so as i read it, you're washing your face 3x a day? that's usually not recommended, and probably why you're getting burning (too many topicals too often, and more irritation from the extra wash) try to do your regimen 2x a day; if your face gets oily during the day i think there are some kind of pads you can use to get the oil off (not sure)
  11. well i guess for people who don't want to give up sleeping on their side can purchase enough pillow cases to have 7 so you can switch every day and then once a week (laundry day) you can wash them. not the best environmentally friendly thing to do, but hey, whatever. i usually switch every 3-4 days, and i wash my hair everyday with shampoo (i'm sure this is a factor, and how oily your hair is). seems like i dont get acne on my cheeks and side of my face so it's OK for me, but irritation is poss
  12. one word: duct tape actually, maybe not Alona posted some good advice, it might take a week or two which would seem like forever, but once you stop drooling it'll be all worth the effort probably. just don't give up prematurely
  13. use firefox it has a great built-in spellchecker when you type into forms like these on the forum. in fact, it just underlined spellchecker. but i'll keep it one word
  14. hm, i didn't look into the ingredients because i don't know that stuff, but i really don't think you should be putting body lotion on your face? the face is really sensitive and you should get products ideally made specifically for it. there are a lot of great AHA products people recommend here, try doing a search