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  1. Anyone ever pay or know any Dr's for excision at a decent price? The lowest I've found is $225 per scar in California, was wondering if anyone had any similar or better prices.
  2. Been looking for a doctor who will excise/punch graft acne scars at a reasonable price (last one I went to charged $750 a scar) in NYC, though willing to travel around states drivable. All acne scar plastics I've called up won't excise acne scars, or just perform subcision/laser. Anyone know of a doc?
  3. I recently had Phenol Cross with Rullan done after several TCA Cross treatments with Novick. I never really had any scabbing after the TCA and found the treatments to have no results at all. After one treatment of Phenol, however, my skin was 10x redder and finally had lots of scabbing, yet I don''t know if it was the phenol or Rullan's "brush method" instead of a toothpick. My question is, which chemical is stronger? I was considering going back to Rullan, but then once I told Novick he a
  4. It was some random PS on Staten Island whose name I can’t find right now but I wouldn’t recommend. Cost was $750 for one excision, he didn’t even cut out the whole thing, and didn’t seem like he knew much about acne scars as he pushed for energy devices while I asked for an excision. While the doctor wasn’t good, the procedure was, and other doctors may have been able to do a better job and perhaps made the resulting excision scar better (if that’s possible)
  5. I had a giant acne scar excised about 6 months ago by some guy on Staten Island. Unfortunately, he did not excise the entire thing, and I'm left with a scar that is half excised and half original scar. As a result, I'm able to see an actual side by side comparison of excision scars vs acne scars, so I thought this would be a cool thing. This is under some pretty harsh lighting, under low lighting it looks something like this: Like nothing.
  6. When you do TCA cross, are you supposed to hold the toothpick in the scar for a few seconds? I've done 6 treatments with a reputable doctor with no results, and I was wondering if his technique was off. 100% TCA, no differences in even the smallest icepicks. I might add that I never scab afterwards if thats of any relevance, as I thought the point of treatment was to induce scabbing.
  7. Since there is currently no way of getting rid of a scar completely, I wanted to to make a thread dedicated to future treatments and developments in scar research. What does the future hold for scar treatment? I've read several recent articles detailing that scientists have been able to regenerate tissue in skin samples by inducing hair follicle growth before fat cells in the wound healing process. Small cuts heal without any markings because of fat cells called adipocytes that fill in and b
  8. Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin-A. Should notice improvement pretty quickly (a couple days). Also, relax! Hormones, stress result in breakouts but its not as bad as you think, and you'll only get worse if you worry too much. It happens to all of us.
  9. I am genuinely curious as to why people "from all over the world" as I've read go to see such an expensive doctor when all he's doing is performing subcision. What's the difference between Dr. Novick and the doctor down the street? He's not doing anything special, why is this guy so popular. Not a rant, I am literally just curious.
  10. What is the difference in terms of result between subcision and punch elevation? Both effectively “raise” the scar, but is one better than the other? Do elevations leave a mark? Why are punch elevations hardly talked about anymore?