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  1. I've had Duac gel for the last two years, while it's decent for spots it won't shift your blackheads. And to be truthfully honest, nothing will apart from Accutane, the best you can hope for is reducing them or minimising their appearance. IMO, if your skin is something that bothers you every day and you feel it's stopping you from doing certain things, I reckon you should give Accutane a go. It may not be nice or comfortable for the duration you're on it, but think after that if it does work y
  2. Skin looks identical to mine tbh. The must frustrating thing is there seems to be nothing you can do, at least when I had big spots I knew they'd one day pass or have some way of treating them. With pores like these the only thing you can do is keep moisturised and try to ignore it. Baby brush + jojoba will help I find, but nothing drastic.
  3. Can Lymecycline/Tetralysal 300 make you put on weight? I ask this since when I was on a course of it two years ago i became fairly fat, (although i put it down to bad diet/exercise), and since coming off I've lost a couple of stone. Is it coincidental or can the antibiotics cause rapid weight gain? I want to go back on them but not at the expense of being fat.
  4. I've been doing this for about a year and it's definitely helped a lot. Have you tried it with any other oils? I've heard Emu, Grapeseed and Camellia oil are supposed to be good.
  5. Thanks, I've actually been using Jojoba as my moisturiser and you're right it does help massively. But I still find even with it (I leave it on to sink) the middle of the next day I'll already have dry skin flakes start to develop.
  6. Ok I'm 99% sure my type of acne is caused by the hypersensitivity of my skin, it seems to shed constantly night and day and if left will severely clog my pores. I exfoliate and moisturise once a day but even thats not enough. I don't use any other products. Basically, is there any way to make my skin more resilient?
  7. I wouldn't have thought so, I doubt many GPs would prescribe any medication for blackheads though. I went on a course of anti-biotics for two years that got rid of all my inflamed acne, but nothing for my blackheads/clogged pores.
  8. I've been thinking just now, I can't actually remember ever seeing someone with a bad problem with blackheads. Is that because it's quite rare, or is it just not a thing you can tell without being very close up. We probably all peer an inch away from the mirror and shudder at the sight, when really, it's hardly noticeable at all.
  9. I've got the Desert Essence stuff, so can't really measure how many drops I'm using.
  10. I've been using Jojoba Oil for a couple of months now and have seen a lot of improvement in my skin. My skin seems to shed frequently so I need to remove the dead skincells before they form into spots/blackheads. However, I think I'm over doing it a bit meaning I end up with an oil face throughout the week. At the moment I use it every night, where I'm just slapping it on without any consideration of how much I'm using. If I cut this to once a week do you think I'll still see the benefits?
  11. I had moderate acne which has pretty much gone since taking Lymecycline every day for a year and a half, however I've still got a lot of non-inflamed acne. I stopped taking them a week ago to see how my skin reacts, from what I can tell it hasn't gone noticeably worse. Do you think I should continue without taking them, or possibly keep taking one irregularly?
  12. I've been using this for about a week and its definitely helped. I can't say whether it's dislodged them, as I've got so many it's hard to tell. But it has tightened by pores and reduced their appearence a lot, my skin seems more supple making them easier to extract whilst not irritating the skin so much. I'd recommend anyone with non-inflamed acne to try, but I wouldn't call it a miracle cure, or expect it to eradicate all of your blackheads. I'll come back in a few more weeks to tell you h
  13. To be honest, there's no incentive to find a solution is there? The acne market must be huge, I estimate the majority of teens will have experienced acne to some extent, with a large proportion buying all the useless Clearasil treatments, I must have spent hundreds of pounds so far.
  14. Been on antibiotics that got rid of what ever made me produce inflamed spots, but still, about 90% of my pores are clogged and it's really getting me down. Blackheads seem to be the stubbornest things to get rid of, spots come and go but blackheads are just relentless. I have thousands of small clogged pores that can be extracted but will then fill up a couple days later, then loads of deep filled ones that won't shift. I've tried SA and MA, Duac and Differin, they mildly reduce the appearence a