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  1. I went to the dermatologist last Monday and after looking at my skin briefly and talking to me, she prescribed me Epiduo, as well as a facial wash called PanOxyl. The first two or so days, I noticed a little drying, but nothing major, but now, on Sunday my skin is on FIRE. It's red, and very dry/itchy and painful around the mouth and next to my nose. My face just feels tight. The PanOxyl is 10% BP which is I believe the highest you can go without a prescription... and the Epiduo is quite str
  2. Hello folks! I've been a member of acne.org since November 07, when my adult acne started! I was 20 at the time and now I am 24. My skin is starting to break out again...and I've realized some interesting things... and am wondering if anyone can relate! I wrote a blog about my acne, the first one was back in the Fall of 2007 when it started and then after several months, my skin cleared... then two years later in the Fall 2009 it came back again, and I wrote another blog about it... and then
  3. Ooh, cool, someone who is proud enough of the greatest city in the world to put it in their user name :D

  4. Hey Gustopher, I totally appreciate what you've written! I live in New York City as well, and go to school here... I have researched and read up on Dr. Redmond, in fact someone else on here mentioned him to me. He seems like an amazing doctor, but when I was told how expensive it was, I just couldn't do it. I emailed the people at his office and they told me about the 750 dollar initial visit, and the 200-300 dollar follow up costs, just couldn't do it. I don't get paid enough and my parents don
  5. It's really hard and really frustrating... my acne just makes me feel so depressed. It sucks that you had a bad experience on YAZ... I guess just trial an error is what it's all about. You just have to find what works for you... but the time is what kills me... waiting, I've been waiting since September... seen so many doctors and I just had 14 vials of blood taken yesterday morning after fasting for 12 hours because my Endo wants to see a more "in depth view" on how screwed my hormones actually
  6. I put in a call to my gyno today and I should hear back on Monday. Hopefully I will get a prescription for a new BC and Spiro. I just don't want to go on the Metformin at all. I have researched Dr. Redmond, and have spoken to people in his office and unfortunately his program is way too expensive and he does not work with any insurance companies. It's $750.00 for the initial visit/consultation and then for any follow ups it's anywhere from 200-300 dollars. So I can't afford him. I don't bother w
  7. I spent the entire morning crying after looking at my face this morning. I feel like this will never end! I've been to a dermatologist, gynecologist and just this past monday, an endocronolgist! and i'm still sitting here like i've gotten NOWHERE. my endo decided that I have PCOS... however I feel as though I do not. I get my periods on a regular basis now, I am 5'4 and i weigh 124 pounds so I am not obese, I do not have thick body hair all over me, nor do I gain weight in my mid section area...
  8. Not much just hanging around, looking at the good ideas on here

  9. I had clear skin pretty much my whole life... but for some reason I started getting horrible breakouts during the end of Summer 2007. I would get pimples all on my cheeks and jaw and chin, and my t-zone area, you know, those really painful ones under the skin that get all red. So after trying Acne Free, Proactive, The DK Regimen and countless other products I finally went to my gyno and she put me on YAZ at the end of October 2007. I saw results after about 2 1/2 months, my face was crystal clea
  10. Yeah Sticky I hear ya... I'm going to call my primary today, he's younger, I guess I can ask questions and see what the nurses suggest, who knows maybe they can prescribe me something. I will most likely have to go in for a visit though. My gyno is an old man lol. He was actually the one that delivered me 22 years ago... weird huh? I'm going to call him in 2 days as well and set up an appointment or speak to someone over the phone. I have to wait because I had some tests done this morning and I
  11. Hey! I have a question... who prescribed you your Spiro treatments? Was it your Gyno, your Derm or an endocrinologist? My gyno. The so called derm didn't do crap for me. Ah! Me too! I am convinced that dermatologists are evil lol. The derm I went to was terrible!! I'm in the process of calling my gyno as well... maybe I will have some luck there, hopefully!
  12. that's so wierd. just find another doctor. I know right... I am going to make a few calls tomorrow, to my primary doctor and my gyno and to see if I can be recommended to an Endo or something. Going to the derm, and having her do nothing to help me... and not even really listen to me really annoyed me. I was in there for 5 minutes, she glanced at my face and pulled put her prescription pad and said "I'm going to start you off on this." She made me feel like she just wanted to move onto h
  13. Hey! I have a question... who prescribed you your Spiro treatments? Was it your Gyno, your Derm or an endocrinologist?