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  1. Not for immediate results

    I use this under my moisturizer during the day (with SPF) to combat any clogged pores coconut oil may give me. It works slowly in terms of clearing my skin but it does make it much smoother.
  2. UniqueCount



    I used this product after some topical treatments had my skin raw and peeling. I was afraid it would cause more acne but I was desperate to soothe my skin. I have been using this nightly since and find my skin glowing and plump the next morning with my acne looking less inflamed.
  3. Drying

    This product is great for oily skin and removes makeup very well. I only use this at night before I begin my coconut oil routine. It leaves the skin feeling a little dry but that can be combatted with a good moisturizer.
  4. UniqueCount

    Very Mild

    Very Mild

    I use this once a day in the mornings and have used this for years. Never dries out my skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh.