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  1. Hi Everyone, I usually don't write on the message boards; I tend to look around and look for advice. I have definitely been struggling with my skin for the past few months and just was looking for some advice on my skin please. I am in my mid 20s and have been struggling with acne since I can remember. Last summer, around end of June I was prescribed retin a 0.1% cream along with doxycycline 25mg (twice a day) and sprinalactone at night and I also used clindamycin lotion in the morning. It seem
  2. I would think they would make things worse..
  3. Man I feel you. I had perfect and flawless skin for a about a year....and then about 3 months ago I started breaking out like crazy AGAIN. It's so frustrating. and I also hate those people who don't do jack crap and their skin is flawless....the people who eat whatever they want and it's perfect. life is definitely not fair
  4. I dont understand how urine can be good for you....I mean isn't it just waste from your body?
  5. I heard extractions are bad....even if its done by a facialist. Is that true?
  6. Good luck. I want to see the improvements
  7. haha it cute how you put "a great boyfriend" at the end. wow...you're basically doing everything right no wonder you skin is now awesome!!! happy for ya
  8. I use to drink silver needle from teavana. I didn't really see a difference in my skin that much...probably just helped calm my skin down a little. They said I could see results in about 2 weeks...but I drank it for 3 and didn't see a big difference. I also got addicted to the caffeine in it. When i stopped I got headaches for about week. If any of you guys decide to take up tea, be careful with the caffeine.
  9. random question...but how did you make a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich??? hahaha