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  1. from my opinion, as a man, acne really doesn't bother me on a girl, maybe I am the exception but it is how I feel
  2. I meant rude. Damn typo.

  3. Is that supposed to be ruse or something?

  4. this goes along kinda with my goals thread do you find it helpful to make lists of things you want to do? do you do it, and has it helped you? I have just started doing this and I have noticed it has helped me become more motivated.
  5. I've been there man, it does help your confidence, but it will not be a sudden change. You must work on your inner strength as well, strength of character.
  6. getting clear skin doesn't change your life as much as you think
  7. having acne as the number one goal in your life will only lead to problems imo
  8. my first and foremost goal atm is to stay with my girl, I believe she is the one. Other than that I want to have enough assets so we can live a comfortable life.
  9. I am thankful for: My GF my friends my supportive parents my large endowment(penis) my good teeth my hair my trust fund my car my good grades my clearing skin what are you thankful for? I find it helpful to make lists when you are down.
  10. going out with the intention of meeting women often makes you look awkward and creepish
  11. I go to the mall a lot and I spit game to girls works 90% of the time, 100% of the time