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  1. Ghostunit


    Treating my skin naturally! No drugs, [email protected]! They are bad for you.
  2. I haven't posted here in like over a year!! that's because I have overcome acne. I don't break out anymore, well I do, but no white head, etc. I hated those so much!!! I'm here because of the scars. They're annoying me now. as I age, the worse they get.
  3. Woah, it's been so long! I cleared up 2-3 years ago and stopped visiting this site. Now I am starting to get frustrated about my acne scars, but I don't breakout anymore! I'm happy because I am finally in a relationship, it is my first one. Don't care about my skin. I miss this forum ^^
  4. I am a long user here on this forum and I understand! Acne scars are hard to get rid of. I am all into natural healing, so laser threatment is a no no or even chemical peeling. I prefer having scars and very smooth skin than looking unnatural because of laser threatment, etc.
  5. I thought it would be easier to make friends when your skin clears up, but no.. acne or not, life is still the same. I've been trying to date, but girls never reply to me. Yesterday, I deleted all dating sites, I am so done. I've decided to just focus on my career and ignore the girls. They are waste of time. I don't know if it is because of my acne scars or being a vegan... not sure. After what I experienced on dating a few girls. I prefer to be alone for a little longer, hah
  6. I went to see my doctor today just for a phsyical exam for my school. It's been 4 years since I visited him. I am clear with just two zits. He asked me if I wanted to medicine for acne... what the.. he was like "you want medicne for "acne" " then pointed on his cheek.. . I thought my skin was looking good ! I'm against medicine because of chemicals, etc. I am more into natural healing.
  7. I can't believe how acne ruined me. I've been hiding for years because of acne. I didn't learn much! I became clear like 2 years ago and now I am such a boring person. I am very quiet.. I only talk when necessary. I am not talkative. I prefer to be alone in the darkness and stare at the stars and the moon above. I do like being alone, I feel better and calmed. I dated this girl and our 3rd date wasn't that great. We were both silence. She was like, you need to talk more. I told her it won't
  8. I can focus better when my skin is clear! I'm happy that I am finally done with acne. No more white heads! My scars reduced! I apply MSM lotion twice a day, everyday and I apply Aloe vera sometimes. I'm in UMass Lowell and I am finally done with my first semester! I barely passed.. I was taking a lot of courses and working 25 hours a week. I wouldn't have passed if I had skin problems. I will upload newest pictures later. I have uploaded some pics when I had bad breakouts.. Let me ke
  9. Now that I am like 100% with smooth skin. i do have some scars, but they're minors. I haven't been at this forum because I am clear. This forum helped me a lot when I had a lot of zits. I'm actually dating a vegan girl and she's into me. I have never been in a relationship and she may be the first one!
  10. Lol, I always hated labs because of skin and students tend to be selfish. Just because I am quiet, they think I don't want to do anything? They should at least offer... A kind person would offer someone if they wanna do something. Apparently they aren't nice so I don't care. I will let them do all the work.
  11. I never skipped, but was always thinking about my skin, so I didn't pay attention ;\. When I took A&P, I was getting A's.. then I started to breakout horribly and I let it control me. I went downhill.. ended up with a B. I could have gotten an A.. but stupid acne :\
  12. I have two big zits that is annoying me! They're located on cheek and so they're visible. All of my classes have over 30 students. I'm hoping not to break out at all after this one. Perhaps it is because I added chemical peels.
  13. Great... school started and I am stressed out. I've been clear for months.. my skin looks awful. I have like 10-11 pimples. This will never end..
  14. I outgrew acne last year! finally. It did got worse in the end. I do get zits sometimes,I'm dealing with scars now. Oh, and I am 26 years young.
  15. Still breaking out a bit on shaving area, but it isn't oily either.. my skin is very smooth and normal. I think I am breaking out due to shaving. I think I've been stressed out because of school starting soon.