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  1. It hasn't for me, personally. I just find the whole idea of locking yourself up in a room, because of a few pimples on your face, is kind of odd xD My spring break is going pretty well, even though we don't have the money to go anywhere, and i'm living with my sister. My best friend from Switzerland (who I haven't seen for close to a year now) arrived last friday, and is staying until Sunday. It made my year really
  2. Not even a full week for me, personally. After it was under control, I went off of it, and went for a more holistic approach, and it's stayed clear.
  3. I AM BEAUTIFUL, IN EVERY SINGLE WAYYY AND WORDS CAN"T BRING ME DOOOOWWWNNN. ('cept when they tell me to lay off the marshmallow cream *cries*) I don't know. There could be a million things that I could type here, but at the same time, none of it is probably true, or really that bad. I try not to dwell on my own opinion of myself, because 90% of the time, i'm wrong. I don't think i'm bad looking (based upon what others say to me...) I weigh around 125 pounds, people say they love my hair, I like
  4. If your going to point out a spelling mistake, etc. you could at least put a capital "S" on "Stalkerish." .... Just saying. xD Just go up and talk to her, nothing much more to say here. Obviously if she watches you constantly, she's interested. Or... well... a murderer... who knows xD. If you start having a good conversation, just say you were too shy to talk to her at first. Honestly, when people have said this to me, I think it's kind of cute xD. But, if she breaks out a chainsaw or goes fr
  5. There is no "light at the end of the tunnel." Life does get better... but not necessarily the way you think it will. Taking each and every day, little by little, helps, but there will always be a struggle. You need to believe it will get better... for anything to ever happen. "look past the circumstance, and find some meaning"- is probably the simplest, but most inspiring set of words I live by. Every little struggle has a meaning... everything in this life happens for a reason... Setting yours
  6. You can look at people, without really "looking" at them, if that makes any sense. Though I practically talk/ hug everyone that crosses my path, i'm notorious for blocking out my surroundings, and not even noticing people. I also agree though, with the one statement... Those who walk looking at the ground, acting depressed, draw my attention 100% of them time, compared to someone making direct eye contact. It's too strong of an 'aura' to really not notice it. Walk normal, don't look like a goon
  7. Do it all the time when I just line the top of my eyes.
  8. Oh, smile and hop like an idiot with two carrot sticks and a dream to rule the world . Reason why I hate it: Yesterday I was an hour late to school. Today I was an hour early. I think my left toe is slightly tingling, but i'm not sure. Why I like it: It's lighter out for a longer period of time= not having to rush home and have a half an hour to take photos before the sun starts setting. More time to make tacos.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTCo0WvTWqE All around me (acoustic)- Flyleaf. No matter how many times I've heard this song, it's always means the most to me <3 Myself- Fireflight. "You made me realize there was more than myself" <3 Phoenix acoustic- Freestate Vampire Ecstasy- Aural Vampire. Pretty much anything
  10. I don't give up, I usually get the point of going ballistic & destroying anything that's in my path or just start yelling like a gopher. Either way, I pretty much win xD
  11. Lmao, who seriously has EVER tried following the food pyramid, or even gives it a second thought?
  12. Right on the edge of the forehead.... it's always extremely inflamed & takes a week-two weeks to go down in size... Anywhere else is "alright" since it usually goes away with a day or two.
  13. I put on make-up somewhat, and i'm a guy. I guess it doesn't help that i'm gay either. HA. Oh well, but, please... A guy who likes other guys= gay. Please don't use that term in a complaining fashion, because it gets a little old fast
  14. Lacey Mosley (singer in Flyleaf)- no words to express how much this person has effected me personally. My friend Lea- My greatest friend, my hero, someone who's like me in many ways, feels the same things, and always has a smile for everyone.
  15. 1. What is your current age/grade? I'm 16, and i'm a Junior. 2. What kind of student are you? When the teacher is yelling at the class, i'm usually the one they single out and state everyone should be like. xD 3. What is your fav. class? Art or Biology. 4. Which subject do you hate? History. I could never understand the meaning in the lessons. Never straight-forward, and never had a direction to begin with. Constantly flipping around events half-hazardly through each year. 5. Which is your b