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  1. No sir, i dont have improv Go see emil in odense he is More better dont worst you time
  2. Now I understand the origin of you problem, a doctor lie you and did wrong treatment, People have choice to refuse the treatment , the doctor don’t pushed the patient to pay i have refused so many treatment because i don’t believe on the doctor skills but you cannot says bullshit about dr h , he is not responsable about the three erbium laser you cam blam the dr h if he have done the treatment on you but it’s not him and I tell you i have meet people on instagram who h
  3. I think we need to stop talking about dr h lol personally If after one session I have 60% improve that s enough for me because i will never have this improvement with co2 , subcsion and tca cross. have you already done procedure ?
  4. Yes so you can see easy dr Emil for what do you expect! im sure he will help you Easy , you Have dr bernard in brussel i think but never see before but you can find good price to go to Denmark
  5. I have meet in instagram a girl who have done the laser with Dr H , she show me picture before and after , and i can say she have amazing improve she look More Younger and all scars have gone, only one problem she stay at Home during 15 days that s all but the Skin Looks much better, she is perfectionnist , she want to do another Session but dr h tell that one session is enough... if he is assho** he can Easily say „“ lets go for another 3000£“ My man ive done al procedure like subcsi
  6. @kman101 I understand what you said but maybe Dr emil dont have an example to show in instagram the succes of acne scars , I remember he guarantee me 80% improvement, he gave me 20% he cannot show this in instagram people will not interest, lol but i love the guys he is really nice but the skills and laser are limited for example Davin lim have 5 different Co2 laser in the clinic ( I know also that medical government australia help ) in my period , Emil have only one laser and don’t ma
  7. actualy treatment have you done for helps you acne scars? what are you expect after the consult? A combination of skills like( subcsion, tca,co2,fille)? you have judge the doctor only after a consultation ? i do many treatment by dr emil ( many combination) : unfortunately for me the result was not what I have expect i have lost money and time can i say that dr emil is not good doctor?
  8. Guys you need to understand that acne scars is not easy to treat stop to say bullshit, if you want a real review , go to see the doctor for a consultation and after you will have your opinion, but stop to be crazy if you want your baby skin it’s not possible ! But you can have improvement for sure!! i see many doctor in Europe , they failled the treatment and i always share a review, how many I spend for the treamtent I don’t have a shame to said the. Price. stop to say anything
  9. Day 5 after the treatment ! first time I can feel A real improvement that’s why I have bought my second trip in India in 3 month for another session
  10. About tca, the scars was no deep like beginning, so for me it’s an improvement but after 4 session I have see a result. Erbium laser , the skin texture and some scars war bad than before , maybe the settings was not good or the combination with other skills was a risk to damage the skin
  11. Guys i see Dr Emil five times ! Such a nIce guys really !! He have try everything on me! ( tca cross, erbium,co2, laser q switch,plexr ,3 type of subcsion and fillers) but honestly the improvement was not what I expect, tca cross and subcsion help me to the acne scars but the rest I’m not sure and I’m sure that create other scars But I am the only responsable because I ask the dr to try this combination and he take the risk Actualy i treat my scars in India and for the first time I can
  12. Hi guys Day 3 after laser Co2 , filler and subcision.
  13. Hi Guy ! im in inDia I meet Dr Stuti Khare shukla tô improve my scars , she did a session co2 fractional and fillers and subcision. i will send a picture of the update soon but you can see the result of this patient of doctor The Result After 3 session of Co2 laser