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  1. neofox

    Advice on scars

    Hi send to dr Emil your picture , he will tell you if he can help you or not , the best is to see in real because he use light to see your scars so try you lost nothing
  2. neofox


    Yes he will do the same treament about subcision , tca cross and co2 , maybe more power thanks for the tips
  3. neofox


    Sorry about this case https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/figure/F4/ I will see Emil in march for the same treatment
  4. neofox


    Hi guys !! Its new update after a procedure by Emil with tca cross , laser Co2 (high power , lower density) and mixed of subcsion , cannula and filler . this is not perfect but a real improvement , i will continue a treatment with him, i havee in you proof, @beautifulambition that a combination of tca and microneedling can help me ? I never do a tca peeling ( only tca cross)
  5. neofox

    Acne Scarring 2018 - 2019

    In the last picture , your acne is gone , have you already take or you started the isotretinoin?
  6. neofox

    Acne Scarring 2018 - 2019

    Why you take isotretinoin?
  7. No news? Are you happy with result?
  8. Very nice!! Good improvement, the better is coming!
  9. neofox


    Hey be back ! Im gone try a session with Emil , i will update when its over
  10. neofox


    Thanks a lot my friend , How many times do you recommend between each treatment ?1 mouth or 3 mouth?
  11. neofox


    Hi @beautifulambition thank you for you recommendation, i have question How Obi wan he know lot of skills about expert acne scaring ? if I show this the doc can say” who is this guy he is doctor! No? “ Its just question , no bad things who is prof chu? I dont found review about him thank you
  12. neofox


    Can you recommend a specialiste? I can pay the price , i see three time dr Emil , for the next treatment , he recommend an agressive erbium, should i accept or see an other expert?
  13. neofox


    Anyone are recommended product peeling like acid mandelic or pyruvic or other for skin color, texture , pore
  14. Have you try a peeling? Aha? With derma roller? Who did a laser? Your case can be easy if its treated by expert in acne scars
  15. neofox


    Ok the war is finish so anyone have pumps after put in a face the castor oil