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  1. I've been on the regimen about 2 months now, and am doing very well. I have a question, though. I do have quite a few red marks left over on my cheeks. I know red marks take longer to fade on the regimen, but they DO eventually fade right? They aren't always going to be there?
  2. No way, none of that type of stuff ever worked. If anything, it made it much worse. In fact, that's like saying if I washed my face more it would have gone away.
  3. Well, you have to remember, that the camera makes it look alot better than it actually is.
  4. I started my BP regimen on October 16, so it really hasn't been that long. It's made such a HUGE difference in my skin, though. I'm still battling redmarks, but even those have improved alot. My skin on the first day of my regimen: My skin on Nov 22: My skin has improved even more since those pictures! I'm very pleased!
  5. Update!! I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I've already been on the regimen for 5 and half weeks now! My skin is now basically clear and my red spots are still fading slowly. I do get a very very tiny little pimple every now and then, but that's about it! I'm going to continue to stick with the regimen precisely. Pictures for week 5 and 1/2 My skin before starting the regimen: My skin now after 5 and 1/2 weeks on the regimen:
  6. Day 17 Well, I've really stuck with the regimen. Even when my face was totally red, miserably itchy, and quite flakey. It was so very worth it! My skin isn't %100 clear yet, but I can see SUCH a huge differance since I started. I guess only you guys can understand how nice it is to be able to wake up in the morning, get ready, and not stress out completely about your face. I wouldn't even wear my glasses before because I could see every spot and scar that was on my face. Ugh! I still have redm
  7. Thank you so very much, surewhatever! Your comment made my day!
  8. You sound alot like me! I've been keeping a journal of my progress on the regimen, too. I think it's actually working! It's been almost a week and a half (tomorrow) and I can already see a large improvememt. I hope it works well for you, too!
  9. Day 11 I really can't belive how well the regimen is working for me! Even my redmarks look like they are fading. My skin isn't red or itchy anymore, and it's not super dry anymore either. There is still abit of flakiness, but that's easily taken care of with a little lotion. My skin is just slightly oily now, but NOTHING like it was when I started the regimen. It's like normal oily now. I really do think the regimen is working for me! I may actually have clear skin soon.
  10. I guess in some cases it contributes to breakouts, and in some cases it doesn't.
  11. Thanks for your reply, rm10989. Actually, it's a good thing my face is much less oily. That's what I was hoping for! In the beginning my face was SOO oily and it was causing the breakouts. Now my forehead is completely clear, and I have no active blemishes right now on my face at all. The only thing you see left is icky redmarks! Day 8 Wow! I can't believe I've already been on the regimen for a week now. I think it's working pretty well! The dryness and peeling is starting to go away now,
  12. Thanks for your reply, deejoanna! I used to use makeup when I first started breaking out, and it just made everything way worse. I was just covering up the problem as it got worse and worse. Not good! I'll also avoid putting BP under my nose. I was iffy about doing that anyway! I'll post a new update and pictures later!
  13. Alright this is my version of Dan's regimen: Morning Shower When I get out of the shower I don't put anything on my skin, except when I have a really bad spot I'll put Neutrogena BP on it. Lately I've been putting on just a very tiny dab of Clinique's lotion to dry flakey spots. Make-up: I do not wear any type of makeup except Blistex chapstick and Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss. Night Shower Wipe face with Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 Apply BP That's it!
  14. Day 6 Well, I've been really sticking to the regimen, and I do think it's working this time. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my first post, but I only use BP at night (not twice a day). I don't have any active spots right now, but I do have many redmarks. My skin is not red anymore, but it is quite dry and itchy. I have the yucky peeling, but lotion is taking care of that. I'm also not sure if I mentioned this in my first post, but I don't wear make up at all either.
  15. My Dad never says anything to me about it. He's always treated me the same no matter what, and I really appreciate that. My mom is super supportive! I can always whine to her if I'm having a bad skin day and she always makes me feel better. She tells "I'm so sorry, honey." and she tells me that we'll fix it. She always helps me out with it, and she has never once said anything rude about it. And it's hard for her too because she never had acne in her life (and she has gorgeous skin now!). She'