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  1. Hello All, I have a question regarding topical gels...i heard that ziana gel (which has an anitbiotic in it, as well as trenition)...can cause stomach ache, diarrhea, among other side effects...has anyone had these side effects with just using a topical treatment. thanks a bunch. appreciate any and ALL info.
  2. hello, i actually just started on the solodyn...(been on it for 12 days) so i think its still too soon for me to tell the pro's and con's and whether its gona work...(i am also on a topical medicine...Ziana). i NEVER had acne before (other than small little breakout here and there during my period.) I am 29 yrs old and about 3 months ago i started getting acne. my acne was mild with little bumps on side of face and i was getting these HUGE, almost boil-like breakouts on my cheeks and chin...