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    how to cope

    Have you ever considered seeing a dermatologist, or even your doctor can give you a referral or prescribe you something if you might need it. Also, I am sure your boyfriend thinks the world of you regardless of how your face looks. Us guys don't care if our girlfriends breakout, as long as they are happy with us. Like you, I am also the only one in my whole family that ever got acne...it's frustrating but we have to deal with the cards that life deal us. Honestly, once you are clear you'll look
  2. There is no link between your facial hair and acne, unless it isn't really acne but ingrown hairs from shaving. Otherwise it's acne that would be there, facial hair or no.
  3. Hey Brit, just happened upon your log and wanted to offer my 2 cents. I am also on the Clindamycin + Retin A Micro combo(I also have Minocycline in the morning) and he has me putting the Clindamycin on in the Morning, and the Retin A Micro in the evening. It's working pretty well for me, you might want to try that. I also didn't really get any initial breakout, but everyone is different. Also, some things take a while to work, all you gotta do is persevere. Also, I can relate to your situation s
  4. One of the main things you have to keep in mind when taking Minocycline is that you shouldn't lay down for up to an hour after taking the medication(Pharmacist should have told you this, as well as a sticker should have been on your pill bottle) . Also, I know taking two of them at once instead of the way it was prescribed couldn't have helped your situation much. Lesson here is to follow the directions that your pharmacist and dermatologist gave you. Hope you're doing better now.
  5. Hey all, super huge break between updates but just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing. I stayed clear for a while after my round of tazorac and was able to go for about a year with just OTC products. However about a month ago, I started breaking out a little...whiteheads and such. Went to the derm and he put me on a combo of Clindamycin and Minocyclin in the AM and Retin A Micro in the PM. Experiencing some minor irritation from the whole routine, but I am moisturizing pretty well to com
  6. I used Aloe Vera gel(Frut of the Earth 100% brand) when I was on my first course of accutane. I couldn't really tell any difference with my red marks when I used it...but i'm pretty sure it took care of some of them. The difference wasn't really that huge though. But yeah, I stopped using it when I was on accutane because it started drying out my skin...but Aloe Vera has so many healing properties that I think it would be beneficial to use it maybe every other day if it dries out your skin.
  7. thats awesome Dalsor! im really glad it worked for u.. but wat type of acne did u have? mild? moderate? i think have moderate acne.. not severe at all.. so i hope it works for me Well, I went on tazorac(Still on it) about 3 months ago after 3 trials of accutane(a lot I know). My acne was mild/moderate before I went on, and tazorac took it out. Just brace yourself the first few months and Taz should do it's stuff. Good luck!
  8. Hey guys, I have a question about Tazorac. I've pretty much almost gone completely through my tazoract course 1% cream, and my face is pretty much completely clear except for occasional pimples, and some red marks left over from previous pimples. I was wondering, what do I do after the 12 week period, stop, continue? I don't want my acne to come back...but is it healthy to stay on tazorac for such a long time?
  9. Well, someone should give you a uplifiting testimonial for Tazorac. I started it 3 months ago and my face is perfectly clear...a little red, and kinda peely sometimes but it's clear! The first months suck though...believe me. Just keep at it, and it will work.
  10. Yeah, it took me three courses...and even i'm not completely cure. However, after each course my acne came back significantly better. Before I had cysts all over, now I have the occasional whiteheads, and mild acne. I found it worth it.
  11. It acts as an astringent for the skin. It also helps reducing inflammation and redness. Here ya go Astringent Witch Hazel
  12. First picture update in a long timeeeeeee. Anyway, this was taken today, about an hour ago, you can notice a a few pimples, I have a whitehead or two on the each side of my face, as well as a LOT of bumps on my nose, that are forming into small whiteheads. tThe derm put me on tazorac yesterday. I've tried it before...but i'm kinda wary of using it..I might just try otc stuff for about a month. If it doesn't work, i'll go for the tazorac. Anyway, here ya go! ---- Yeah, I smile weird. ---- The ne
  13. You can also use neosporin or polysporin(doesn't have neomycin in it) on the scabs at night before you go to bed to help promote healing if you'd like. Just my 0.02 cents
  14. ...Masturbation does NOT cause acne, nor does sex. It's a myth that's popular because around the time people start having sex, masturbating, is puberty wherein which hormones increase because of puberty, NOT masturbation or sex. It's a possibility that masturbation and sex may even help...in some small way. Stress can be a cause of acne, Masturbation and Sex can reduce that stress, thus helping with acne at least a little bit.