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  1. Hey Wildflower - Jenstar here - remember me? I have been using MA since Dec 07. First I tried Ma Ma Lotion and for the past year I have been using primarily NuCelle 10% and sometimes 15%. It kept me about 98% clear but just recently I have been getting some annoying breakouts. I am wondering whether I should change my regimen now and try something like Green Cream or RAM or Diacnealin in addition to MA. What do you think? Have you heard about M2 Skin Care?
  2. Hi all It's been a long while since I've been on the boards. I need to order more NuCelle mandelic acid from Skincarerx.com. Just wondering if anyone has a latest promotion code I can use?
  3. Thanks JustaMomToo. It just goes to show that in my case, I have disproved the theory that extreme stress and trauma does not cause or contribute to acne when you have the right measures (such as mandelic acid) to control it. Nice to know I have friends here on the board who care about me too.
  4. Thanks Dawn. Great to hear you are clear too! The NuCelle eye creme is good but there's another brand of eye cream I would like to try next time - http://au.shopping.com/xPO-Olay-Olay-Regen...fting-Serum-5oz
  5. Hi Everyone Max Riley born 2nd May weighing 10lb 7oz. Max is a very healthy, placid baby and breastfeeding well. It's been nearly 3 months since my husband walked out on us. My other 2 young daughters, baby and I are doing okay. I have great family and friend support. The house has just sold and we will be moving in about 30 days to live with my parents until we find our feet. Thanks everyone for the messages of support. It's also been nearly 3 months since I began NuCelle. At first I was alt
  6. Thanks Dawn. 16th week of MaMa Lotion. Current Regimen: AM Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser with warm water Pat dry with towel, allow to dry naturally for further 5-10 minutes Dove Energy Glow brightening moisturiser Wait 10-20 minutes before applying makeup Other Supplements: 2 non-reflux salmon oil capsules, 1 pregnancy multi-vitamin Make-up: Dermablend Smooth Indulgence concealer, Shiseido SPF 35 compact makeup, Almay blush PM 'Simple' Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser wit
  7. Hi Everybody It's now been 1 month and it has been a horrific time for us. Turns out my husband was and still is having an affair with someone he works with and it had been going on for several months. Our house is for sale and we are divorcing. He is living with her. We were together 16 years and married for 8 of those. Our 3rd child is due in 4 weeks. On the skin front, I haven't been as diligent with my regimen. There have been some nights where I have slept with my make up on from pure gr
  8. Hi Dawn. I didn't get any initial purging from MA. Sorry guys - I may be off the org for a little while. My husband has left me and I am going through a very tough time at the moment and busy with reorganising my life and future.
  9. Hi Dawn - LOL - yes, I did misinterpret what you had said. I am interested in the Eucerin - Redness Relief SPF 15 but I don't think they sell it in Australia. I have been looking out for it and whenever I ask at a pharmacy, they've never heard of it. I never quite knew the Dove moisturiser Vivi used. I once posted her a link to see if it were the same as the one I found but she hasn't responded or written anything in her log since late December. This is the one I've been using recently. It's lo
  10. I think my longest stint so far in just under 12 weeks without a single new pimple using mandelic has been 13 days followed by another stint of 11 days. Certainly a miraculous improvement on my past history of 2-3 new ones forming daily.
  11. That's great. How long have you been using it now?