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  1. Well, I just bought 2 30-day supplies of the B5Complete powder from acnemiracle (almost $90.00) and will hopefully get them soon. I'll keep you guys all posted on what happens when I begin taking it! I'm praying for great results, because I'm hearing that it it pretty much works like a miracle for some and does little to nothing for others. We'll just have to see... I'm optimistic!
  2. I've decided to try B5 as a solution for my body acne. So, has anyone tried this, and if so, what were your results (for your body acne) and what B5 did you use (from what company/website)? I'm thinking of probably buying the B5 from acnemiracle.com Does anyone have any expierence with their products? I should begin to try this B5 stuff soon and I'll let you guys know how it works for my bacne (which is moderate to severe - with my face being fine).
  3. Wow. This thread is crazy. I'm SO torn between trying b5 and not. It seems like a miracle at times, but really bad at others. I really need some help. I'm thinking of using ONLY the b5Complete powder listed on acnemiracle.com this is what is says it has:
  4. Hmmmmmmm... I have an idea about the bleaching problem. (and I know it's a problem, because my pillow has been bleached by the BP I put on my face) Does anyone know if it would work to put the BP on back/chest, wait 10-15 minutes, and then take a quick shower to wash it off? Or, does it need a long time to soak in, and won't work if the area is washed 1/2 an hour after it's put on? Also, Chocolate_charley had a good potential idea: Would it work to put the BP on at night (and then wear white t
  5. Does the BP bleach your clothing? If so, are you having to wear all white, becuase wouldn't that get annoying? Or, if you wash where you've put the BP, (a little while after it has soaked in) does it not bleach? I would LOVE to use this BP regimine, except for the fact that it'll blecah anything it touches! Can you explain this a little more. Thanks!
  6. I have a question that I hope you guys have a unanimous opinion on: Which is better? A morning shower, or a night shower before bed??? Does it matter? My body acne is pretty bad and I was wondering if maybe the fact that I always take showers at night before I go to bed (and never take them in the morning) makes it worse?
  7. So, it is a given that the longer and hotter a shower is, the worse acne will be? I take one HOT 25 min (on average) shower a day and my bacne is TERRIBLE while my face is clear (probably b/c of the regimen). I LOVE long, hot showers and wouldn't want to give them up unless it really made a difference. Do you guys think it would be better if I took (let's say) one 10 min lukewarm shower in the evening, and (maybe) a short 5 min lukewarm shower in the morning??? Or, do you have any other sugges
  8. I think the problem with this (otherwise, probably great) regimen for backne is that you HAVE to wear all WHITE. This is quite hard for people who are often wearing sports jerseys, uniforms, etc. etc. The BP I put on my face already slightly fades the collar of non-white shirts I wear and I don't even put it on my neck! It must just "run" a little. I don't understand how people could wear all white shirts (they would really have to be ALL white) for years. And, if you had to throw another shirt