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  1. Has anyone used this or currently using it? I've been using purpose since starting the regimin last week and according to the comedogenicity list, the third ingredient in purpose is sodium laureth sulfate which has a rating of 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5) which people with acne are advised not to use. I am thinking about switching to aveeno's ultra calming foaming cleanser tonight since SLS is not in the ingredient list but there are only 2 reviews on the product so just wondering if anyone out ther
  2. I've been on bactrim ds 2x/day for the last 28 days. It has kept me from getting worse but I'm not sure if I can say if it made my skin better yet because I was using a bunch of harsh obagi acne products plus retin a and duac before I decided two days ago to STOP, give me face a break and see what happens when I trust in something an actual acne sufferer has recommended and not some doctor that wants my money.
  3. They make one for the face which I've used and like but the one you're referring to has gotten better reviews so that is what I'm using right now. Just started the regimin two days ago so not sure how well it works but my dryness is definitely taken care of with the regular moisturizing lotion.
  4. Just wondering about this whole wash your hands ritual before washing face because I thought I was the only one who made a big deal about doing that. Does it matter what kind of soap you use to wash your hands before your face? I used to use dial foaming antibacterial and eliminated it because i wasn't sure if it was contributing to my acne..now I use whatever facial cleanser i'm about to use to wash my hands..do you think that is okay?
  5. I am confused. How can something (for example Purpose Gentle Cleansing wash) say it is non-comedogenic yet one of the first three ingredients is sodium laureth sulfate which according to this list has a score of 3 as far as comedogenicity goes?? It says anything with a 3+ should not be used by someone with acne..?