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  1. it wont cause acne but it will take your healing abilities down to almost nothing so you maybe breaking out less but with the red marks and scarring it will look worse. I admire you for going on it 3 times i would never go through that shit agin in my life lol
  2. fiber is essentially an anti-nutrient meaning it will diminish absorption and assimilation of other nutrients. The reason your body tries to expel it as fast as possible is because it inflicts tiny micro-wounds to your stomach lining (this is not dangerous you can eat as much as you want). But what I dont understand is why its even considered an essential nutrient the only possible benefit i can think of is that it slows absorption which would be beneficial if you have blood sugar problems
  3. no insulin resistance is caused by ingesting too much energy at one time, not really what you eat. Since the human body is suited to consume many small meals throughout the day, eating one or 2 meals a day will elevate your chances of this problem greatly
  4. no your diet is just nutrient deficient. nothing to do with acne
  5. yeah im somewhat following this http://www.freeacnebook.com/contents.htm ive posted on it before but most people didnt really care much for it because it is somewhat difficult to adhere to but once you get clear you can add more stuff in and see how much your skin can take. the studies are on the bottom or open in pdf
  6. obviously thats why you dont have acne anymore unless you think acne is natural
  7. its not the fast its the fact that drastic reduction in calories lowers sebum output and because you lowered blood protein levels significantly
  8. tane didnt really work for me and i was on 120mg but its not so bad cause im staying clear with diet
  9. head and shoulders its a moisturizing shampoo for dandruff
  10. you probabably have a harder time digesting beef than other protein sources also adding the vegetable fiber along isnt helping it any
  11. yeah unfortunately they dry the whole skin out and age it faster. same thing occurs with BP for instance