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  1. I always thought that hiding my acne behind my long hair would be a good way to feel better, but it only gets worse. Most people with acne have greasy skin, and greasy skin always means greasy hair (if you don't shower often)
  2. I use a low fat, non-comedogenic moisturizer from the drug store... It doesn't moisturize that good, but it doesn't clog your pores, so I apply it often...
  3. Every person wants to get better, at every stage, in every subject. Acne is one of those... Some people can feel bad about one pimple, that it ruins their day, a date etc... Others can live with it. And other people suffer from cystic acne and stuff and are suicidal about it... thats bad.. But a few people can live with it too... It's all individual, and the feelings are the most important part of treating your acne - why treat it if you don't feel bad about it? You probably think that he shou
  4. I'm currently using topical tretinoin every night, and I'm also in need of using a moisturiser, otherwise my skin gets dry and irritated.. So the question is, to get the best effect from the tretinoin, should i apply the moisturiser before, after or not at all (during the night after I've applied it)?
  5. I was just browsing this site and found this: http://www.lookfantastic.com/beauty/dermal...cial-brush.html Surprising that known brands are starting to make brushes for the face, is it a copy of the 'baby brush method'? I found it interesting..
  6. I heard of people taking fish oil capsules and eating olive oil on this forum, probably eating the olive oil with a salad or something like that. But would eating plain olive oil be less healthy in any way? Some olive oils doesn't even taste that bad when you take it straight...
  7. Fish oil is rich in omega 3's, olive oil is rich in omega 6, as of what I heard, maintaining a balance between these is good.
  8. I'm having a hard time to add olive oil to my diet, so I started eating it just plain. So how much should you eat each day, and when? Is it better to take it with your lunch, or split it up morning/night? And another question, do you have any tips on stuff that you can add olive oil to?
  9. Is it hard? Then it's probably a papule or a nodule..
  10. When I got prescribed minocyclines (tetracyclines), my derm said that I shouldn't drink alcohol during the period I'm eating it... Although I don't think it reacts the way that your acne get worse.. Just stick to you regimen! And the supplement part, the only supplement I read was bad to eat during my tetracycline period was iron supplements.. Haven't heard of any others.. And i don't know if it applies to any other antibiotics.
  11. I've used minocycline for half a year, and it works okay as a daily treatment. No side effects other than the lesser nausea you get sometimes... It works good blowing away all incoming 'infections', and I don't get as many pustules any longer. But nodules and papules doesn't respond to it at all.
  12. There is nothing that helps to take away acne rather than preventing it. Just use the bp for a longer time, then you wont have any acne; cus the old ones are gone?
  13. I don't think it's good to dry them out and irritate them even more. I heard that papules and nodules only responds to isotretinoins, but I'm not sure.