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  1. 5mg/day 90 day progress report About the same as last month. No new pimples. A few times pink spots would form and then fade away in a day or two without coming to a head. Comedone formation is nil on my forehead and chin. I'm still getting them on my nose and cheeks with no reduction from last month.
  2. I follow a low carb diet myself and believe it has many health benefits -- I heartily endorse it. But low carb dieting has been around since before the civil war. Millions and millions of people worldwide have followed it. Maybe a small percentage have seen a substantial reduction in their acne. It might help you. But if it was a common affect it would be common knowledge long before now. Don't get your hopes up. And the same thing goes for green tea, zinc, vitamins, coconut milk, bio-fla
  3. The acne might go away, but the scars might not. If the derm thinks that scarring is going to be an issue, then 'tane might very well be the way to go, even for teens.
  4. I've tried high dosage and low dosage. I'm regret to say that the initial breakout was the same. However, my two cents is that the acne doesn't actually get worse. The existing lesions become inflamed, making them more visible. And buried lesions that weren't visible before become visible. It was the same result that I got with retin-a, except the accutane actually worked. Have patience. The initial breakout will begin to fade in about two weeks and you will start to see improvement after
  5. I will give you a serious answer and a non serious answer: The serious answer: Tell him (gently) how you feel. Ask (gently) how he feels. It may be that he thinks it is better to mention it than to pretend he doesn't see it. It may be his way of trying to let you know you can talk about it with him if you need to. More communication is better than less communication. The non-serious answer: Wear a sexier blouse. If he's looking into your eyes instead of at your chest, you're overdresse
  6. You've answered your own question -- it's not diet related. Sure, it's true that the pharmaceutical corporations spread disinformation to try to sell their products. But acne has been around since time immemorial, the pharmaceutical industry has been around maybe 120 years. Every dietary combination since the Renaissance has been tried and tried again. And even if it required modern analysis to find a dietary factor, I suspect the non-capitalist countries -- China, Cuba, and the former Sovie
  7. I have no evidence to support this, but my suspicion is that any time you stress your skin it is a bad thing -- thus I try to wash with lukewarm (skin temperature) water.
  8. 5mg/day Accutane 60 Day Progress Report I'm continuing with an average 5mg per day dosage -- one 10mg pill every second day. (0.07mg/kg body weight) I wash my face twice a day with lukewarm water and Dove soap. In the morning I apply aloe-vera gel as a moisturizer. Results are good. I have not had a new pimple since November 20th. All my existing lesions are now healed over, leaving only small circles of new pink skin. Comedones are no longer forming on my forehead and chin. I'm still ge
  9. "But I thought low dose actually helped with redness and rosacea??" Over the long term it may help. Initially there will be some inflammation and increased redness, lasting a couple of weeks to a month.
  10. Madeleine, as far as very low doses are concerned -- we are pushing back the frontiers of knowledge here. All anyone can really say now is to make sure you understand the risks, then if you decide to try it, document and post your results. Remember, however, that the risk of birth defects is HIGH and there is no safe dose for something that serious. Long term use of Accutane means long term use of birth control.
  11. I was denied twice and said the hell with it. I bought mine from an overseas supplier and started treating myself. If you study the information on this board and the Physicians Desk Reference, you will know more about acne than your doctor will anyway. Just be sure to use birth control.
  12. I'll post a progress report at the end of the month.
  13. I did my first two trials with Accutane about 20 years ago. Doctors would not prescribe it for my moderate acne -- "only for severe cystic acne", they said. No mail order pharmacies back then. I bought it in powder form from a chemical supply company that sold it as a dye for tunable dye lasers. Compounded it myself with vegetable oil. No alcohol, no tanning. Did the first treatment for four months at 35mg per day -- the minimum dose recommended by the Physician Desk Reference. It w