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  1. I was wondering if there were any creams or pills a doctor could give to get rid of the scarring while on accutane. I hatefew cysts which left some huge ice pick scars that are pinkish in color and one is brownish (i am brown skinned). Is there anything my derm or i can do over the counter while accutane? any creams?
  2. Pulse doses are like for instance, I took accutane for the first 7 days of every month for 6 months. The results on the first dose were amazing. After that it has stayed moderate. The other pulse doses did nothing. It was a 20 mg for me.
  3. Can those things be done by my derm? Frankly, I have very touch skin. I am not excessively oily but it is hard to dry it out and my skin is nowhere near sensitive. I hear people saying accutane dries them up but it hasnt happened for me. However, i think i am experiencing some initial breakout.
  4. When i first took it it was in pulse doses so it didnt do a great job. The first seven days it turned severe acne into mild but since it was pulse doses it wore off. Im guessing in a few weeks i will see some awesome results and in a few months i will see huge results.
  5. I have some ice pick scars on my back and then some dark brownish scars also on my back. The dark brownish ones are not as severe as my shoulders. Are there any products my dermatologist can give me right after accutane? I know i cant use laser treatment for 6 months.
  6. Also, my lips have barely dried up. Same with eyes. But maybe I'm over reacting.
  7. This is my third day on it and though my face looks a tad bit better my back is still the same. the cysts have not dried and my chest and back are not dry at all which i hear is not a good sign. I am wondering if my dosage is too low. I am 6 foot 1.5 170 pounds and im 40 mg once a day I am thinking that my dosage may be too low and that is why my back and chest are not drying. Does it take longer for the back and chest to dry?
  8. Are there any effective treatments I can use right after accutane to get rid of scars? I'm amazed. After two days my acne has almost disappeared on my face. My scars on my cheek look less. My only problem are the black heads on the sides of my chin and the little bumps that when i squeeze come out like toothpaste. they are white and fairly skinny. I dont know what they are and hope accutane will get rid of it. I am very pleased with the results. I hope to get rid of my back, shoulder, chest, a
  9. so maybe after quitting accutane scars will not look so bad? From what I have seen on faces people have less scars on them. But I hear that the scars are worsened.
  10. I'm on 40 mg once a day. Immediately is started to dry up my throat and face. Lips are fine but my pimples have completely dried up into layers of dry skin. I dont see it working on my back and chest but I'm guessing its too soon right now to tell. Anyone know roughly how long it takes to get rid of the black heads. I have some deep under my skin and some bumps that when i squeeze some white stuff comes out (not whitehead). I was wondering if it would get that stuff.
  11. I just started accutane yesterday and I have brown skin. I have tons of dark spots and scaring from acne on me. My face heals pretty fast and is good considering I have had acne for about 6 years. I was wondering if accutane could reduce or diminish the scarring on my back and shoulder blades. And if so they how long? I heard UV light treatment works well but I doubt I can take that with accutane.