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  1. im on 2.5 months and it seems worse but my dermatologists assured me that by month 3, my skin should be dramatically better. I hope i hope i hope shes right!
  2. hey thanks for ur comment on my gallery thingie... Im really excited for the 3 month to come.. only 2 more weeks to go! ill let u know how my skin is then...

  3. Hey i talked to my doc yesterday and she said that its SUPPOSED to get dramatically worse in the first 2-3 months but then after 3 months, i should have almost no zits... Im really lookin forward to that. Ill keep in touch with u and let u kno what happens. hang in there :)

  4. Hey, I saw that you are around the same timeline as me as far as accutane goes (a little bit ahead). I'd try and write something motivating, but right now I feel you on the embarassment factor. I HATE ACNE! And I thought accutane would atleast be "helping" by this point. My skin looks worse than ever. Atleast yours isn't all over your face like mine and you don't look lik

  5. Pics of my skin throughout my accutane treatment