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  1. Hi everyone , so I came back from the Naturopath and they ask about my blood type. Afterwards the doctor gave a correlation between the food I ate and my blood type. Wow I didn't know for the longest time that chicken is bad for me , so does lentils and buckwheat. Omg I've been eating all that pretty much everyday. Maybe that contributed to my acne. So I'm gonna stop eating the food that I should mainly avoid and see how it goes. I'll update you asap. And I just wanna say that I ordered toothpas
  2. Today will be my visit to the Naturopath. Hopefully I'll get to find there. I'll update here if I'm done with the visit. Takecare and have a great day everyone.
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    Road to clear skin

    Hi Everyone It's my first blog and I'm excited and nerve wrecking at the same time to be blogging about - you-know-it ; Acne. Well to kick it off , I didn't know little things like this can actually destroy you, well for me , destroy my life in general. It made me feel somewhat vunerable and reserved. I know for a fact that I'm not that kind of person but oh sharks acne proves me wrong. So I'm gonna change my lifestyle and see how it goes !! 1st thing to do is of course e