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  1. This is the shortened version, as far as I can see. Do you stop some steps after the first 6 weeks? Step One Salicylic Acid- 2% How often: Use first thing in the morning and before bed every night How to apply: Wet the affected area with warm water. Pour a small amount of the lotion (about the size of a penny) into your palm, add a few drops of water, and mix completely. Gently massage the mixture into the skin in a circular motion. Leave on for about as long as it takes to brush your teeth,
  2. What exactly dont you like about iPledge? I've worked in a pharmacy, and it seems like they are just trying to take necessary precautions. Accutane can have serious side effects, and the birth control tests and sheets are basically just making absolutely sure that you arent pregnant and know the dangers of becoming pregnant while on the drug. I guess the 7 day period to fill it could be annoying, but it really isnt THAT hard to get to a pharmacy a week after your appointment.
  3. I got this product shipped to me. The box it arrived in was sealed, first of all. The product's package has an outside slip cover, and an inside plastic container. The outside cover was cut all the way down, and the inside cover wasnt really sealed at all, you just pull it apart. I don't know if it should come cut, or is that considered damaged? Should I just use it anyway?
  4. I have a theory (and I could definitely be wrong, just seems to be the case with me) that when I don't use moisturizer my face looks less red because there are more dry, dead skin cells sitting on top of my skin just dulling it's color. Same for days where I dont have the time to wash my face. Redness on the DKR should take about the same time to fade as it would any other time.
  5. I used coalface. I thought I really loved it at first, but it is REALLY drying and a few weeks later it seemed to be severely messing up my skin. Moisturize a ton and it could probably be alright.
  6. Facials can be good, but their results are only temporary. Is your skin just red out of irritation, or could it be rosacea or something else?
  7. I have the same exact problem (even the age is the same), and it seriously sucks. Im not sure why your skin is so dry in that particular area, but it's easily solvable with some moisturizer. Buy a low percentage BP to kill those cysts and moisturize a bunch with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. You can also try icing the spots for a couple minutes a few times a day to bring the swelling down. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for all the responses! I am/was just so sick of buying wash after wash and not really liking any of them. I was thinking the BP might kill off any acne causing bacteria that washing with water didn't get... or something like that
  9. There are several things those little bumps might be besides acne. I would go to a derm to find out for sure, or at the very least you could see if your doctor might be able to identify what the cause is.
  10. Everyone here seems to hate Murad. I'd keep looking, try browsing through the Treatment Reviews section of this site.
  11. Maybe it's the side of your face that touches your pillow at night? (Make sure not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing sheets.) Either that, or maybe you unconsciously touch that side of your face more than the other?
  12. Look into a regular mirror when there's only natural lighting.
  13. Several, and very dry skin (because of the BP) and redmarks. grr!! Im second guessing the DKR right now
  14. I had terrrrible experiences with M.O.M. It worked well for 2 weeks and then my skin got 10x worse. It clogged my pores and dried out my skin something fierce. Id stick with more tried and true methods found on these boards.
  15. Just as a response to one of the people's comments above, I used Milk of Magnesia and it was AWFUL. I loved it until about 2 weeks in, and then my skin exploded in spots! I even got little whiteheads around my mouth, and I had never had any whiteheads in my life. M.O.M was not at all good for me, total waste of money and it took months to correct it's damage.