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  1. Here's where I am right now about a month and a half into my 1st procedure of subcision/phenol cross/microneedling. These are taken at the same time, just with different natural lighting angles.
  2. (Photos after this) Would you not recommend scheduling a second subcision/phenol CROSS 2 months after my first one? It makes sense to think that you'd want more healing before damage to get the best results. It's more of an issue of scheduling since I'll be doing a 3-month creative residency soon and I want to get something in right before because I won't have any days off. Or, should I hold off and allow a 5month gap between the 1st and 2nd treatment? Are there any other procedures you recommend I do at the 2 month mark, or should it be dead-pan rest & heal until the 5th? Is CROSS something I should be doing more frequently than 3 months if I have a lot of ice pick scars particularly concentrated on the nose? Thank youu
  3. makingtime

    TCA + Subcision + Needling with Dr Rullan

    I recently did the same procedure with the same doctor. Everyone reacts differently. I'm Asian if that matters. Super swollen right after the procedure and it didn't really go down until maybe the 3rd day. Highly recommend you take off more than 3 days for this. I felt that at day 5 I could go out, at minimum. You just won't know how you react until you do it, but once you figure it all out, planning future off times will be easier. Also, he's recently switched to Phenol Cross over TCA, which is what I did. I've never done TCA so I don't know how I'd react, but I'm happy with the Phenol, maybe 5–10% improvement without any enlargement of the scar.
  4. makingtime

    Chula Vista on the 26th

    Subcision + Cross + Microneedling. I guess to account for the bruising and TCA Cross looking worse, although bruises will likely last longer than 10 days, and he'll probably use Phenol acid which doesn't expand a scar like TCA. I'm probably overcompensating... What's the usual downtime for something like subcision?
  5. makingtime

    Chula Vista on the 26th

    That's incredibly brave of you. I ended up getting an Airbnb for a couple of days because I get self conscious at airports even without a swollen face. The info they sent me said I needed 10 days, so I'm staying for 10 days. It bites financially but I figured for my first travel-procedure, I'd prioritize comfort.
  6. makingtime

    Chula Vista on the 26th

    I have a subscision/microneedling/cross procedure scheduled in Chula Vista. This will be my first time traveling for a procedure and I'm looking for any tips or things I should be aware of... Just curious, since I can't be the only one who has traveled to do a procedure, where do you stay during your recovery time? I'm looking at private rooms on Airbnb which means it won't be totally private. If anyone's down there around the same time, maybe we could split a place? I'll be down there the 26th.
  7. makingtime

    Gay, acne and struggling with dating

    I'm in this exact situation, even down to the age, except I did my accutane run about 10mo ago and I'm recovering from severe scarring. I don't have any advice because I've never had a boyfriend either, but I've had people be forward with me or who have wanted a serious relationship and immediately felt uncomfortable because I felt I wasn't worth it. I was too comfortable with the hookup culture, where things were just easy, low pressure, and seemingly normal. But I think that goes to say that finding a relationship isn't dependent on the circumstances of your skin, it's dependent on yourself, chemistry, and everything else that goes into any normal relationship, and if your date can't see past how your skin looks in that moment of time, which happens, then he's probably not worth sharing more time with.
  8. makingtime

    Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    @beautifulambition I'm most likely going to be doing the Infini RF and subcision on separate occasions. Do you think it's fine to do a subcision a month or so after Infini? Or even another Infini after an Infini a month apart? I've been reading on these forums and I seem to get mixed views on whether a month is more effective or 2–3. Curious what the idea is behind the spacing because I always assumed collagen production didn't reset and was more continuous.
  9. makingtime

    Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    @Sirius Lee I didn't even realize the acne scar package consisted of the same treatments for everyone. He advertises it like it's specialized to every case and every scar. Huge sigh of relief when I canceled and got my money back. @ScarRight I've been offered a test patch for ablative CO2 but I had to pay a price for it. @seattlegal90 I've been going to Advanced Dermatology for acne concerns and I'm never sure he has much of a plan. He also tries to get you to buy stuff at his place a lot. The people at Bellevue Laser seem invested but as the name suggests, only perform lasers. I had Lux 1540 there, which they're all about, but I don't really believe in it and think I'm ending it with that one treatment. I'm thinking of Pacific Derm, which has mixed reviews, $100 consultation fee, and does Infini but not PRP, and checking out Dermatology Associates and Glow Medispa for Infini and PRP with free consultations out of Realself deals. I've gone to Larrabee Center for a consultation and as soon as he saw me, he wanted his associatel to come in who was the 'ethnic skin type' expert. The whole thing was uncomfortable but honest and they're the ones who offered to do a test path for CO2 if I payed a fee. It was weird because they both sort of left the appointment, had me talk to a cosmetics person who tried to sell me expensive hydroquinone creams to prepare for the test patch and avoid pigmentation, but decided I'd try to find cheaper creams online, and left without follow-up from the doctors or even a quote. I called back and asked for a quote but never got one. Later I had microneedling done by an esthetician there which is a separate facility upstairs. I had also tried Lamperti Facial Plastic Surgery in hopes of having more extreme procedures done on my scars, but he couldn't do anything for me and recommended a list of dermatologists and estheticians. Then there's Dr. Young, who seemed really interested in helping me. His whole "beauty theory" is just weird though. First red flag for me. I'm going to Jason Emer when I visit LA for something else, but having a free consultation which isn't with the doctor himself. He costs $300 for a consultation. My experience with Advanced Derm has really diminished the value of a consultation, so I'm always a skeptic when it comes to this. I'm also in the area for a week so I wouldn't get anything too actionable out of it. I guess I'm curious what LA is like compared to Seattle when it comes to acne scar surgeons. If anyone knows anything about these doctors, let me know!
  10. makingtime

    Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    @beautifulambition Thank you! I see you all over the board so I appreciate this! Is there a cheaper microneedling RF than the Infini? Sadly, I haven't been able to find a surgeon that does a combination of procedures. The closest one in the Q&A list is the one in Bellevue and we were scheduled for ablative CO2, fat transfer, and sanding, which freaked me out being 6mo post-tane and having sanded a lot of things in college. How do you use regular sandpaper on someone's skin? Craziness. I ultimately canceled because taking out the fat transfer and sanding didn't change the combo-package price.
  11. Hey all, I just joined and I remember going through this website a lot when I was in high school. I'm receptive to any feedback, I've gone through the Q&A, and I kind of want to get a sense of some kind of diagnosis from the community at the scale of the internet — are all of my scars boxcar types, procedures that worked for you, how much you paid, am I hopeless, et cetera. I'm 23 and I live in Seattle now, so it's not the same as a few years ago — I can support myself financially and I'm supporting my parents now. Money will never not be an issue. A bit of background on this long journey of procedures: 4 days ago I had the Lux 1540, a month ago I had a dermapen procedure, 8 months ago I finished a 5mo course of accutane, a year ago I had 2 fraxel duals and a stronger dual in Korea, 2 years before that I had fraxel re:pair which is a nonablative CO2, a year before that and throughout high school was a couple of fraxel re:stores and microdermabrasions. It's amazing that I've been through this for so long and I still don't really know my scar types. I haven't been assessed in that way. I'm avoiding ablative procedures until I'm 12mo post-tane just to be cautious. I do plan to do an ablative CO2 then, but in general I don't believe in lasers. Being microneedled was far more satisfying, conceptually and literally. I haven't seen much improvement over the years, if anything my scars got lighter and wider. And I know, I have to be realistic about how much time this will take. You all know how it goes: you go out less because you're tired of being stared at on the streets. My scars are pretty severe, especially on my nose. My nose is what you'd find on a google image search and it brings up the worst-case acne scarring scenarios on people's cheeks. I've made my rounds through Seattle derms and surgeons and it all feels so lucrative. It feels terrible to be caught up in this industry and Realself is a sad Silicon Valley-esque attempt to fix that. Photos below: Thanks!