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  1. yes scars suck big times. Its like when I was 17 I told myself: Yeah, atm my life sucks, but next summer everything will have changed and I gonna go out swimming with friends and enjoy my perfect skin. NOT. Now I just turned 19 and my scars are still there and my life is still not fun. It's like im waiting for my life to begin. I'm just waiting for the change, doing nothing. Though im filled with hope now, cause I met a person that is gonna help me out, he promised!
  2. Yeah, but you realize that lasers aren't going to solve your problem after you spent 25K on them??!!! That's pretty naive if you ask me. I didn't even spend a single dollar on my scars yet (not even completely clear of acne) and it's clear for me already that it's just a waste of money. I know it sounds fantastic if a surgeon tells you that you'll gain 50+% improvement, but you gotta use your common sense...If lasers where really as good as promised by surgeons, I'm sure it would've been confirm
  3. hmmm maybe it is the workout. I'm not going to the gym but I play soccer three times a week. at this time we have summer stop and my acne disappears! not 100%, but no more breakouts and only some occasional whiteheads. I notice this every year and I am 100% sure that working out and sweating causes acne in my case. But it ain't really an option to quit working out imo. It's important to stay in shape. But your case can be different, but it's absolutely possible that working out gives you some ex
  4. hey all, let's keep it short. suffered from severe acne around 4 years now and grown out of it. thank the lord for that. On the spots that used to be a battlefield of acne a year ago, I now only have an occasional whitehead. the question is, how do I get the last few whiteheads to stop coming to the surface. I prefer something natural to solve this. don't wanna dry out my face with BP or somethin'. the only products I use at the moment is the baby brush with a l'oreal men expert cleanser+moistu
  5. During my search for a good acne scar treatment, I found a guy that performs Hayoun peelings for acne scars. He says that he is one of few persons that perfom this treatment and that he learned it from a specialist called Hayoun. he put some stuff on youtube (search pieter van vliet), but it's dutch, so i'll explain some of it. The hayoun peeling is a natural peeling. you'll get several layers of acids and stuff on your face and that will give a burning sensation. You just get several masks of
  6. hey guys, I've suffered from acne several years now and it has left a lot of scars. At this time I finished my secondary school and I have vacation now till the end of august. I'm supposed to go study at a university next year, but it's a hard decision for me what to do. When I'm going to study I'll not have any chance to do a treatment against scars because I can't live in a student house with the downtimes after a treatment and I will have far less vacation time than I have now. So I'm thinki
  7. lol your forehead looks 99% the same as mine:P the large pores are located at exactly the same spots as mine very nice results btw:P
  8. hey, I can't say anything about your improvement, but I got something a lot worse in mind when I saw your nickname "moonface" Good luck on healing! Tim
  9. if this is real, it's really amazing. It's not "just" some skin and bone that grew back, but also the nerves and everything. removing some scars should be 10000x easier than this, but ofc that ain't possible-.-
  10. nice to hear you having such great results. And you're 39, and I'm 18. So maybe the results can be even better if I try this. Thanks for sharing... Tim
  11. ahh damn you cant be serious. All those years of severe acne that caused scarring to me... And at the moment I start to get clear, they come up with THE cure. I'm so damn unlucky
  12. Just referring to the fact that now you won't simply accept things as they were and will keep on going with improvements (seeing someone else's success) as opposed the easier route of resignation.
  13. "I'm glad I'm able to give hope to some people here, though in your case I wonder if I'm helping or not". What do you mean with this Citizenpanda?
  14. You're young and ignorant my friend. Millions of women will say the same about their age lines, laughter creases, wrinkles when they come of age. Many complain about their freckles. Many men will start balding, and they will never be "perfect" again after 30. Sorry, that's just life. But it doesn't mean anything, once you realize people get older, their appearances degrade one way or another, and we die. What you WILL regret, is not having a nice GF, a nice house, an nice career, friends and fam
  15. I'm 18 and I've accepted my scars pretty good. I'm not even clear, but I already know my face will be left with scars, that's a fact. The only thing that I can't accept, is the fact that I will never reach ultimate happiness, if you know what I mean. I can become succesfull in my life after study, have a nice gf, nice house etc. but I will never reach ultimate happiness as long as these scars are on my face. So I won't just accept it and go on with my life, I have to improve them...