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  1. Hi, I am 20 have been using Tazorac since February. I only had breakouts around my mouth that started in the last year and a half. I was told by my derm to just use tazorac around my mouth, but I noticed in June that my skin was starting to get oily (which has never been the case in my life), and also (maybe as a result), I have been getting some pimples mainly in my tzone. Some on my nose, bumps and some pimples on my forehead, and a rare one my cheek. I was wondering if anybody has experie
  2. I guess that makes sense to a degree and is a possibility. Maybe not the answer i was hopign for haha. just curious, were you more stressed or less happy whne you turned 20?
  3. can't quiet tell what that is or exactly how much of that is scarring. but seirously, you look like the type of person that would look fine from like 5 feet away, so i really wouldn't worry about it, or your acne. Just let it be and it will get better. Also visualize it getting better and it will help, seriously.
  4. To be honest, I think i agree with you. I'm 20, and for the first time in my life i started breaking out during college. I was stressed about finals. Then i started stressing about pimples. Since, i have always been stressed, everyday. For the first time, I am relaxing and i tell my self that i have great skin (power of positive thinking?). I have been doing this for a week and my skin has been good so far. I really think acne can be the side affects of an unhealthy mind and unhealthy th
  5. please do mention the other more serious consequences im curious. the only effect of marijuana on acne that can be argued would be the burnt by products of marijuana exposed to your skin while smoking. but thnk about all the byproducts already in ther air that you are exposed to daily Just Google it if you really want to know, you'll find a bunch of reasons why smoking weed is bad. Some of the symptoms of prolonged marijuana use are: Difficulty remembering things Damaged percept
  6. Yes, I meant exactly that. When you apply any kind of pressure, ever so slightly, on one part of your face it can effect your hole face. hmm, so you mean say i pop a whitehead around the right side of my lip. It makes it more likely that i would get pustules around my whole face? I'm not saying ur wrong but that doesn't make too much sense to me. Please explain I only get pustules in one area, other areas i get rare bumps or whiteheads which i pop and never cause any problems.
  7. - I meant just different illnesses - not anything recurring - And when I mean huge, i mean clearly noticeable from over 5 ft. - Now when you say popping, do you mean that previous popping could cause future pustules instead of just like whiteheads? -thanks
  8. Hi, i'm 20, and last year I started getting pustules. My whole life i just used soap and my face was pretty amazing for a teenager, last year it got worse (but not even that bad) , and I started DkR. Since its been way worse, the main problem being - instead of whiteheads - I was getting pustules that took a lot longer to go away and were HUGE. It may be coincidence that it started after starting dkr. (i stopped dkr after 2 months of my face getting worse) Ya, my problem is every couple day
  9. I think my post got misread, I don't use SA or BP right now. I was wondering if there were any long term effects of use, even after you have stopped. Right now I use tazorac, which has helped especially with redmarks, a cleanser, and a moisturizer.
  10. green tea is just a type of tea, it will be clear if a tea product is green tea. Tea has anti-oxidants, which coudl help with toxins in ur body which can cause acne.
  11. You can skip the story and go to the last line if you want. Hi, i am 19 years old and finished my 2nd year of college a month ago. In high school, i always had amazing skin. I would wash my face with a bar of soap, and htat was it. I ate pretty well, but didn't drink that much water. Fast forward to college, I started using Neutrogena acne free face wash (why would i do this?! because I wanted to never have that once every 2 weeks tiny pimple. I was really greedy). Anyways, that worked fi
  12. well, its been over 3 months now, and my skin is still getting pimples. fortunately, the red marks aren't nearly as bad, probably because my acne heals much quicker now. However, I was hoping for clear skin, but I still get inflamed whiteheads/pustules. I broke out a few days ago pretty bad and started using more tazorac out of desperation, while this cleared my acne up quickly, my face started getting really oily. So, now I am wondering if anybody has any tips or recommendations. I try