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  1. I need a good sunblock because since its summer, i go out alot and realised that i don't have anything to use. So what are some good ones that doesn't make your face shiny and oily. the ones that doesn't block ur pores or make you break out. and actually HELP ur acne as well. thanks
  2. Hi I have been using ACV for a month now, and it has been working great for the first few week of use! I use 1:1 ACV so I have a water bottle, fill it in half with ACV and fill the other half with water. I usually shake it before I use it because the ACV container said "shake well before use" I use a napkin to wet it with acv and apply it on my face, I don't slide it on my face, i just stab it on my face. Recently I have been getting stings on my face and my skin started having this dry feeli
  3. i hate red marks they are so annoying, why does it take so long to fade? is it inside deep in your skin or outside your skin that causes this red marks?
  4. I use combination of ACV and Neutrogena AHA healthy skin lotion night. You could try Glycolic acid and ACV to fae those serious redmarks, because i am too in your situation, stupid red marks makes my face look like i have active acne when I don't. anyways it takes time to take care of these so you need to be patient as well.
  5. I don't know, but it seems that every time i breakout, they all leave red marks, and makes my face look like I have alot of acne but they are actually all red marks, I hate them because they are so dark and big and you have no idea how bad mine are, its like big blotchy and LITERALLY makes it look like I still have the pimple or a zit, how can i stop newer pimples that is on my face leaving red marks? Right now I am using ACV and BP to clear out my pimples, it is working well except its always
  6. ACV apparently stop falkiness, I have dry skin problems and when i started using ACV its not even there anymore EVEN IF i didn't use my moiturizing lotion which is a MUST for me.
  7. not sure if that will help but something that has glycolic acid or AHA definately helps with red marks.
  8. you can only get glycolic cream from derm, but you can get aqua glycolic which is a cleanser. You could always try ACV or AHA for red marks.
  9. If you get cyst and pretty severe cases of having new acne on your face, go to your derm to check out and probably try accutane, there is a 100% chance it will work but not so much on your red marks. There is bunch of side effects though so i would suggest this as your LAST bet. Now stop using pro-active, its a crappy product i just stopped using, it works at first but later it will make it a lot worse. DISCONTINUE USING PRO-active anyways I am pretty much same cases as you, after using pro-ac
  10. Guys can't use makeup to cover up red marks and stuff, Oh well.
  11. does this cream make your face break out sometimes? Or does this cream HELPS remove pimples and stuff.
  12. You should try accutane, the side effects aren't that bad and its better then what some people are recommending with worse side effects. Accutane has at least 100% chance that it will work on your acne, I suggest going for it if you just want to get over with it. I am pretty sure within a month or two it will clear up. good luck
  13. Can this be used with any cleanser because i Use avene soapless gel cleanser. Also can this be used with Dan BP gel and neutrogena healthy skin lotion AHA moisturizor? I am planning to go to my derm to check on my face and I will ask him if I can have the azelex cream.
  14. Its just the way our body is, and it really isn't a deadly disease, but marks on your face and makes people insecure.
  15. Hi, I have a pretty bad acne, but well I have been using my regimen of Avene soapless gel cleanser, BP gel, then Neutrogena healthy skin lotion AHA night. I don't have any SPF moisturizor because where I live right now is winter so we don't get a lot of sunlight. Using this for about a month now and wow it really does work for me when it comes to clearing out acne, BUT all those acne left out a really really bad red marks on my face which almost looks like I have alot of acne. I still have acne
  16. It is suppose to help fade red marks, same with AHA but i think aqua glycolic does its job. Also you might want to recommend ACV as well
  17. to prevent future pimples? i don't know, I still have small ones on my forehead but my cheecks are clear, but has ALOT of red marks.
  18. I have, really REALLY bad red marks, like both side of my face is full of them and no pimples at all, JUST red marks. now I really want to fade these red marks and I am considering going on ACV on my face. I know you can get ACV on grocery store but which one should i look for? It seems 50/50 is a good choice but exactly where can i find it? Should I get it as a spray bottle? Also How can i apply it to my face? Do i just spray it all over my face? Spray it on your hands and then just apply it
  19. I thought dan's moisturizor had Jojoba oil on it, anyways I would go for neutrogena healthy skin lotion with AHA Night. I just started using it and it is working well as a moisturizor! it should fade away makrs pretty fast!
  20. I am using BP gel with Neutrogena healthy skin lotion with AHA and it is Night, I bought it at shoppers drug mart, but i hear you can also buy it at walmart and zellers (canada) not sure about the United states though. Oh an it is working fairly well, I suggest this product instead of glycolic acid!
  21. so I use neutrogena healthy skin lotion for the night, then what do i use for the morning and throughout the whole day? its winter here in canada and we rarely get any good sunlight anyways so what do you guys suggest? thanks!
  22. thanks for the reply, I might have to stop using scotch tapes and find another way to get rid of acne. Also I am going to try using Neutrogene healthy skin lotion, is there any name specifics I should look for? I can get these in shoppers drug mart right? thanks, I really want my red marks to fade away fast.