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  1. https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/27517/20200930/genetic-switch-activate-skin-repair.htm
  2. If you believe this guy, we already have the technology to regenerate an arm. But it's super secret tech kept under wraps for military and the elites.
  3. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20191127/Research-findings-provide-novel-therapeutic-space-to-induce-scarless-regenerative-healing.aspx
  4. I have an uncle with bad acne scarring. He is successful and rich, has a beautiful wife too. It doesn't seem like the scars affect him. But again I do understand how acne scars sufferers feel like they have been robbed at life. It's tough but we have to keep hoping for the best.
  5. How is microcoring scarless healing? Also I would unlikely believe any scarless healing claims until someone removes their scars totally.
  6. I used to do some lasers/fillers. Also did TCA Cross and Dermaroller. Currently I'm just popping NAD+ pills. Which I believe can make the skin smoother. I think my scars did improve abit but obviously still not where I want it to be.
  7. Yours looks like moderate. Mine is pretty similar scarring type but worse.
  8. Well their pores and wrinkles didn't disappear. So what more about those crater-like acne scars?
  9. I feel very depressed and anxious all the time due to facial scars. Having scars is bad enough, but the psychological torture is another thing. I avoid eye contact when speaking with people. I started feeling people are talking bad about me when they talk when they probably aren't. I used to be a sociable charismatic and confident guy but now I am the total opposite. Although I try socializing, I still can't be "me" and it feels I'm trying to force it and I feel out of place. Also no o
  10. I have seen the before and after pics of some patients who under microcoring, while there are results it doesn't seem scarless.
  11. I only suddenly felt my skin was smoother after slightly more than a year. But it could be I didnt realize the improvements until now. I would say give it at least 3-6 months for full effect. It will take sometime for a body to change like how one cannot expect to be fat to slim too fast even if they were doing exercises/eating right. No, but ive been eating pretty healthily.
  12. Previously was using Tru Niagen, but due to costs switched to using Thorne Niacel-250. I take two pills per day which is 500mg. I think it might work on hairs too. Theres some articles and people claiming that it helps online. No harm trying to see whether you like the results.
  13. Scars look softer and smoother now. Probably a little improvement of everything. Like if you are short sighted taking off your spectacles will make any details less pronounced. Kind of like that with my scars before and after. I will go on to say my scars now look moderate-ish when it was severe before. Take note though from many people post minor scars as moderate, my moderate is probably severe to them. Initially, I took these pills to look younger. Once I had someone commenting on m
  14. Btw, this is not the holy grail or anything. But i've been taking NAD+ supplements for 1 year plus and noticed some difference in my scars. Like they have become less pronounced. Nad+ is said to be able to reverse aging and replenish cells. It might had an effect on my scars looking better. Maybe someone else can try this method and report if similar improvements?
  15. And even then it might not work like PolarityTE. But my belief is that scarless healing has already been done in laboratory conditions on animals, but they might not replicate it fully 100% of the time for it to be mass marketed. I still have hope it will come soon. After we first invented airplanes, about 50 years later we landed on the moon. This is really incredible if you think about it since humans or humanoid species have been on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years before being able t