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  1. Just wanted to get people's opinion on this. I've begun breaking out again.. I had been following a wider reg which had been working really well. The only thing that has changed is that I stopped taking an iron supplement I'd been taking when I ran out of it and neglected to get more. It may be just conincidence... I don't know if there are other factors involved with me. I've also rarely seen Iron being raised as an issue in terms of acne and nutrition eventhough it's apparently one of the mo
  2. Only problem with these is that if they get stuck in your craw (as can happen from time to time) it could burn. Plus the bottled kind is cheaper, you don't have to take in gelatin etc etc.
  3. Haha I'm a huge "fan" of these quirky cures Hope it proves effective for everyone trying it - It makes sense. Cool idea OP!
  4. Is there a brand that doesn't have SLS or flouride that's still effective?
  5. I'm sorry to hear that citychick... You got me feeling a bit paranoid saying that ... However, using an ammonium alum one since the end of May, I have had no problems - and I use it twice a day. I have a had a total of one noticeable flat pimple since I've started, which has disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared.. A number of blocked pores that have all amounted to nothing... I'm delighted with it right now... Just hope it doesn't come to a shuddering halt now I've opened my mouth...
  6. Had to post to empathise with you Lollypolly . You've been so committed to your dietary / holistic approach that it just seems wrong that you would be going through a rough patch now. I'd been gluten and dairy free for over a fucking year and still broke out. The crystal salt thing (basically a topical antibacterial) has been the only truly effective thing I've done so far which leads me to think it may not be anything to do with diet afterall - tho I still find that hard to believe.
  7. Hey Citychick - thought you were gone for good. Fear was that the alum had suddenly broken you out like a crazy person and were too scared to let us know what we were letting ourselves in for Glad it's going well for you still - I'll post again in a while with an update
  8. One of the things I was sure I'd miss most when I quit gluten was pasta too but I was pleasantly suprised to find gluten-free pasta (made with maize and rice flour) was just as good if not better than the real thing - Unlike a lot of gluten-free alternatives. Give it a go +see.
  9. I hear ya... I think its a scam too. :(

  10. Never used Mr x acne - but everything I've heard about that has said it's a scam... Could be totally wrong - I think he says you just need 3 supplements and to avoid all vegetable oil... But people on this forum have been combining every supplement imaginable for years without success (in most cases) so it's hard to see what magic combination this guy has...

  11. Hiyall... Bumping this to update on my progress using ammonium alum and strong moisturizer linked above. I am still happy. However - I have had some minor (and I mean minor) breakouts - but again they haven't become properly inflamed .. In fact I got a large-ish one just yesterday but it appears to be going nowhere and is barely visible right now... It is still much much fewer than before but pores are still getting blocked -but I think the alum is preventing them from becoming inflamed It's
  12. did you ever get those mr x supplements? what are they? tell me!

  13. Two things I wanted to add. Someone had earlier referred to Ratherbesurfing's original body acne thread where he bathed in dissolved salt. I remember him describing it as "a process rather than an event" - and maybe it's no different with this? I'm going to give this time - a few months at least and see how my skin deals if or when it goes back into an inflammation cycle. Another thing is the moisturizer I'm using (see the link above) - It's one of the best I've used that doesn't block pores.
  14. I've been staying quiet of late mainly cos I didn't want to jinx it (usually I break out just when I open my mouth) - but I really think this is helping (I'm using a pure alum one called "Salt of the Earth"). I say "helping" because I haven't not got breakouts but there have been far far fewer and absolutely none have become inflamed - and I've been doing this since the end of May like everyone else.It seems to have been gradually improving my skin tone also... I'm happy right now Initially I
  15. Hey Rob I think toothpaste could be a culprit too. I switched to euthymol (that old-fashioned one) because it's got very natural ingredients and it's antiseptic. I also began using mouthwash (regular listerine) and I think tho this isn't the cure it has definitely helped. Euthymol is strong and takes a bit of getting used to - but your mouth will feel super-clean afterwards - I've noticed a definite improvement since I switched to it. Also read a few posts recommending that brushing your teet