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  1. Week 1 + A Day So this morning I went to clean my nose with a tissue and got some blood, very fun experience. Not a lot though and I didn't have any nose bleeds or anything after that. My face is looking a little better.
  2. I seem to have screwed up the Day counting...so I'm gonna give up on that one. But I do know it has been about a week, so... Week 1 Still no facial dryness, acne is about the same I guess. My lips are starting to chap a little though. Nothing really exciting to announce.
  3. Day 5 Woke up with about 4 pustules (2 big and 2 smallish ones) all in the 1 inch area to the right of my nose. Sucks...they'll be gone eventually anyway. As long as I'm acne free my senior year I'll be happy (knock on wood). Nothing is drying out yet, though.
  4. Day 4 Went running (rather poorly though, starting up running after a month break is a very evil experience...) and there were no unusual pains. No headaches today either. BUT I did experience the first dryness! It was just a little bit on my nose, couldn't feel it but it was visible (not very though...it would have looked normal for the most part). I'd say the worst part of the day was that my iPod broke...fell out of my pocket and the next time I went to use it, it wouldn't turn on. Also
  5. @ChapinaCutie and Angela_: Thanks And good luck to you too, Chapina. @Sid I'll be doing 400m, 200m, 300m intermediate hurdles, and high jump (just started high jumping) (and if I feel like trying it, long jump). In cross country, we only have the 5k for guys (unless you're a freshman). I'm not very good at CC, but I hope to change that as much as possible over the summer. You would probably beat me in a 100m. My best 200m is something like 25.xx seconds and my best 400m time is 59 seconds
  6. Day 2 Sorry, no pics. I forgot. Still no dryness. As for aches and pains, I think they might be coming on, but I'm not sure. During school, I got a headache last lasted for about half of school and continued on until I got him and took some Advil. I don't think it was the accutane though. I think it was probably from watching Numb3rs on a big screen in math and then going to a class that involves staring at a powerpoint from the front row. That's like 3 ft. of separation. Also, in the pa
  7. Day 1 Nothing much to report just yet. No real dryness yet either. No aches and pains either. Basically, a good day. Tuesday I'm gonna start running again and I'll see how that goes.
  8. Tonight, I took my first pill. As of the 2 hour mark, nothing to report. I'm on 40mg a day and if it matters to any one, I was given Sotret. Plan of Attack CeraVe Moisturizing Cream and Cetaphil SPF 15 working in harmony to battle dryness and the sun.Loads of vaseline over night. It worked very well in middle school when I got the worst chapped lips during the winter and it still works to this day (hopefully that will continue throughout my course).During the day, the first go around will b
  9. I went to the derm today and I was prescribed Solodyn (one pill a day), Tazorac (morning), and Duac (at night). Does anyone have any experience with these or any advice about using them?
  10. You could always try this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;hl=baby+brush I've never tried it, but a lot of others seem to like it.
  11. I'm no expert (far from it), but as long as the moisturizer doesn't clog your pores, I don't see why the BP wouldn't work as well. To my understanding, the BP doesn't work by drying acne out, it works by creating oxygen. The dryness is just a side effect. At least I think that this is case.
  12. I know that with glycolic acid a moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen is recommended. However, since Lac-Hydrin 5 uses lactic acid, which is weaker, is sunscreen needed? I ask because I'm considering getting LH5, but want to know if I'm going to need some sunscreen too.