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  1. Week 7: I feel like theres not much to update as i haven't noticed anything differently. My lips are dry and I have rashes in my hand which Ive put lotion on to try and stop them. Other than that if i don't put lotion on my face you could see some flakiness. Acne is still the same maybe a bit less but haven't really gotten a new pimple in a while
  2. Week 6: Im late with this but basically symptoms have remained the same, basically dry lips and dry face with dry arms, also my face is red during the day. Basically just moisturizing everyday with sunscreen on the face. I have not gotten more pimples but the pimples and marks that I have have not changed. Basically now its just the waiting game until accutane clears my face and I can't wait.
  3. Week 5: At the beginning of the week I started to break out more than normal but now my face is starting to calm down. For other side effects lips are dry obviously will be (duh), idk if I should even comment on it anymore. Other than that the rash on my hands were gone bc I applied lotion to it but then Wednesday I noticed that I got a rash on both forearms so now I guess Ill just always apply lotion on my arms and hands. Basically just waiting on months 4 to 5 to hurry up is gone lol. Overal
  4. 1 Month Update (4 weeks) Side effects got a bit worse. Same dry lips and nose is dry but ever since using vaseline every other day I have not had a nosebleed at all. I went with my family on vacation to mexico so either the hot climate contributed or accutane alone made my skin superrrrr dry that I got a red eczema rash on my outside part of where my thumb and my index finger meet. Ever since coming back to the US three days ago I applied lotion and the rash is almost gone. Hard to tell if it w
  5. Week 3 Update: So this week side effects have been more present. I got a nosebleed 3 days in a row and decided to use vaseline in my nose and haven't gotten one since. My lips are always super dry and my face is a bit red but since its been colder this week the reddening is not as much. Face skin is dry and rough and ive been moisturizing. Not really breaking out but still haven't cleared up which I obviously expect since is only been 3 weeks. Overall its not too bad the nosebleeds sucked thoug
  6. Week 2 Update: Basically the same from week 1, my lips are super dry and Im using blistex chap stick bc its the only chapstick that doesnt make my lips glossy. Other than that Ive gotten a couple of pimples this past week but now theyve started to fade. Not really breaking out but my face is still so so red even with sunscreen which sucks bc it looks bad but it hasnt been too bad lately.
  7. Week 1 update So its been one week and not much has changed other than my lips are really dry now and I definitely have to use chapstick. I have gotten a couple new zits but nothing that I would consider "breaking out". I also got a canker sore under my toungue idk if accutane caused it but I never get them so ??? The main thing I noticed is my skin has stayed red for longer periods of time (mostly bc its super hot now in florida 80's or so). But yea the red definately is not a good look so I
  8. Wow your skin is looking great. Im very happy about your results, your acne almost looked (since you dont have it anymore) identical to mine. I just started 40mg of accutane on thursday and will be taking it for 8 months and hopefully I get the same results as you did.
  9. Starting 8 months of 40mg a day of accutane and wanted to log my progress. Started yesterday Thursday February 15. Wish me luck Before Pictures: