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  1. A long road but worth it!

    As someone who suffered from acne since 13 (I am 29 now) I've always utilized these reviews and now that I've finally found something that works- I have to share my experience. Most of my acne has always been in the chin area- moderate with severe cysts at times. I tried everything- every antibiotic, accutane, every topical. It wasn't until I started getting ovarian cysts that my doc wanted to put me on YAZ as it could regulate my cycle and help my frustrating adult acne. I am taking name br
  2. YES!!! it's weird...tane brings them ALL to the surface before they actually pop out. I'm like...i knew i had blackheads but i didnt know there was THAT many!!!! seriously. it's pretty gross but fun to watch them all come out.
  3. im going to try some of this aquaphor. sounds like it works super well. I've been using vaseline lip therapy religiously and it works relatively well but im still flaky everyday. and on the left corner of my mouth i had a pimple that healed but never completely and it just keeps getting a small cut that never seems to heal because of the dryness and eating/talking/kissing etc. maybe aquaphor will help.
  4. ii know a lot of ppl that have taken the tane and drank (not a lot, a few times a week maybe) and were find. ive been taking tane for just about a month and drink occasionally and i'm fine, blood tests and all. just letting you know you wont die if you have a few drinks oh and good luck!
  5. i know a few people that drank booze while taking tane and they said they felt fine...ive been on it for about a week and half and drank a little maybe twice and felt the same. I bought some milk thistle (good for your liver...also good to take before you know youre going to have a wild drinking night! helps with the hangover...) and ive been taking it (when i can remember). im not to worried about the booze. just thought i would share.
  6. ive taken...5 pills so far? i feel great today and yesterday. first couple days felt a little "off" but now i feel completely normal. i think its just my body getting used to it. its crazy i can see it working already...good stuff!!!
  7. im a 21/f just started taking 40mg a day! good to know youre not alone huh?
  8. im a 21 year old female and i get the same type of acne in the same places. Depending on how long your acne has persisted, I think your doctor would perscribe accutane if they deem it "chronic" (persisted throughout the years etc). I am going to start accutane next week.
  9. drinking does make acne worse because all the alcohol comes out of your pores after. thats how your body gets rid of it. ever notice why your face might be really oily the next day after drinking?
  10. First, let me tell you a little about my acne history. I'm currently 21 (female, if that matters) and had pretty bad acne around my chin since i was like 13. I tried everything from all sorts of antibodics (which some worked a little but made me sick usually anyways. And its not good to take antibiodics for long periods of time, look it up!!) so I tried everything topical (dont remember the names it was so long ago!) which usually seemed to work at first, then stopped working. Dried out my face