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  1. If you had not taken it, I'm pretty sure you would be wishing you had. The skin cells expand and contract at various times of the day. Look in the morning and you're skin will usually look flatter. It has to do with temps, retaining water and other things. Also, how much oil is on the surface will also give different looks.
  2. Dave99

    cyst scars??

    Could look like various things, but basically just an indentation, maybe 1/8" wide or something. Sometimes bigger.
  3. He's claiming that he found this out by him and his friends drinking water from river, and they watched their scars disappear? Sounds like a bunch of nonsense. Some of these homeopathic people are a little nuts... Those people are often the ones that are obsessed with constantly washing every trace of excrement out of their systems, among other odd things.
  4. Still kind of hard to tell with the redness, but it does look like it's healing well at least. There's a person on the skin biology site that claims they have taken their scars down considerably, using repeated peels and some of their products. So far I haven't noticed anything at all. I've even been putting the 2x on a couple skin tags, and it hasn't done anything to them.
  5. I wouldn't mess with it now. Wear sunblock. Wait the appropriate amount of time after you're off the drug. Then you can tackle the scar issue if you still need to.
  6. I wouldn't ever say it's impossible to be able to virtually eliminate scars. Because number 1... We have no idea what could be offered in the coming years. And number 2... I do think major improvements can be made, but it just takes time and persistence. For people who have severe problems, or maybe even medium problems... it could take a few procedures. But I don't think it's impossible. You may not have a baby's skin, but you're not going to have that by the time you're in your 30's anyway.
  7. Much of this is debatable I suppose... But I would just hate to think that someone who could be greatly helped by accutane, decided not to take it, because it is being portrayed as something that will absolutely, 100%, for sure hurt you... When that is not the case. I took it, and other than some slightly irritating side effects, I had no problems. It worked so well, I got off it early in fact. Did it help create worse scars? I don't believe so in my case. But even if it did, it would have been
  8. It's a good idea to use it during the time you are using A, because it's effecting how your skin responds to the sun. Not just when it's actually on there. Heck, it's a good idea to use it no matter what. We worry about acne and scars, but sun is going to get you in the long run. I know many people who's face looks like a war zone, and it's all from the sun. Compare the top of your arm to the underneath part sometime... Notice how smooth the bottom part is. I'm not surprised scars could be im
  9. Make sure you wear plenty of sun block when you go out for now. I too would highly recommend finding a good doctor and ask them what they think can be done. I'm pretty sure your problem can probably be corrected with some time.
  10. As long as you're not doing archaic procedures on yourself or going to people that don't know what they're doing, I think the risk is fairly low as far as making things worse. It just takes research and some common sense. I think it's fine to try and make a difference, just not in a way that it becomes an obsession. And I also think it's fine if someone doesn't want to do anything at all. I think the biggest thing you stand to lose in making the effort, is money. I also think the most important
  11. OK... I've never seen it on the nose like that before though. It could be a form of keloid scars... Which is basically a raised scar.
  12. That kind of looks odd... I'm not sure that's from acne. You should probably ask a doctor if you haven't already.
  13. I was thinking the same thing... It's limited to such a small area, and seems to be far enough away from the lower eye tissue. But talk to an actual surgeon about it, not a derm. You want somebody who really knows about that kind of procedure.
  14. You know, it was so long ago, I don't even remember which kind it was. I've not thought about any big procedures, because frankly... I just don't care that much anymore. I care enough to try and do something on my own, but I just don't have the time to deal with some big procedure that leaves me looking like a lobster for three months. In a perfect world, and if I had nothing else going on, I might do it.
  15. No doubt, accutane is a powerful drug. One that would be best left alone, unless absolutely needed. But I have seen no official evidence that it scars a face more. That seems sort of counterproductive, and considering how fast lawyers are willing to to start class action suits these days... I'm pretty sure we would have been hearing about it all over the place if there was really any proof of that happening. I don't know why numerous people are convinced it has done this. I just think they reall
  16. Yes, I was on the tane. Many years ago. I did laser and dermabrasion. Laser helped a little, but not a lot. Unfortunately most of my worst stuff happened right in the last year or so of having it. I mainly have one bad patch about the size of a quarter on one cheek. It's not unbearable, but it's certainly not great. I am now putting on CP Serum, 2x Cop, LacSal... using a microdermabrasion cloth, and doing medium peels. I might start doing needling, just to see what happens.
  17. I think the thing to keep in mind is that your skin... in fact... your whole body, changes every day, and in just a few hours. Typically skin looks a lot better in the morning. I think the cells retain less water, which means everything lays flatter. You'll also notice your stomach sticks out less in the morning. I think when people are noticing these changes day to day, that oftentimes it is more likely due to temporary changes that just occur normally, or maybe due to some treatment. You can a
  18. I think that might be what they call a Keloid scar. They can give you an injection on it to help shrink it.
  19. Well, unfortunately the skin does degrade over time... whether you have acne or not, along with most other parts of the body. It takes a lot more work to be in shape than when you're younger. I have lines in my face that I never had 10 years ago. You can look into doing more stuff each day to try and make things better.
  20. Comparing both photos, I think I almost kind of see the second one already there before. It's kind of hard to tell. I'm not trying to be patronizing, but are you sure the lighting isn't just kind of messing with you or something? The legitimate condition that can cause what you're describing is supposed to be extremely rare. But at any rate... Have you gone to a doctor? Sorry if I missed that part before.
  21. First off... If you haven't stopped breakouts, there's no point in working on scars. Try not to worry about that for now. It's odd that someone would start having this at this age. Unless you're female, then I think sometimes that can happen. Try not to over wash and mess with your face too much. That will just make it worse. Try to leave it alone as much as possible. Try not to stare at it all the time and over analyze it... This will just upset you more and make it worse. Typically it can get
  22. That's a drag. Most people respond to the accutane. You look pretty clear in the photos though. One peel won't do much, but I think repeated peels over time might. I've done a couple big procedures, and I just don't think I'm going to do any more. I'm going to be constantly trying to take down and build up the skin each day for a couple years to see what that does. I'm using a few things from Skin Biology and trying peels and also microdermabrasion cloths. Might try a little needling. Haven't b
  23. I'm saying I think it's bad. The skin grows around the hard scab material and creates irregular skin. If you take the infected pore to begin with... It drains, but often there is a shaft of hardened material left in the core. The skin repairs itself around that, then you've got your typical ice-pick. And the same thing can happen to varying degrees with scab material, depending on how far down the scab goes. I've never seen this explained anywhere, but it seems like that's what is happening.