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  1. It's hard to tell, but it doesn't look too bad. Usually you can tell my the size of the legions... The bigger they are, the more likely damage will be done. And yours aren't that big. I know it's very difficult, but you have to get your mind off it. That just makes it worse, and you'll just keep going in circles. If you just sit around being depressed, waiting for your skin to heal, you'll most likely be disappointed. You have to get out there and try to enjoy life, though it can sometimes be d
  2. The only thing that really changes the appearance of scars and wrinkles is lighting. Light that is diffused or aimed directly at the subject is more flattering... Notice the cosmetics commercials... You'll see they always light the person with light that is head on... basically from the same exact angle as the camera. The most unflattering light is when it skims across a subject at an angle, thereby creating shadows. For instance... An overcast day with diffused light would be most flattering, b
  3. This is proof that much of this is due to stress, and shows that the mind is definitely a major part of what's going on... I've said this for a long time. Often people focus on just the skin, and that's not enough. When I was young, I had poor skin. I had breakouts and stuff. It wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't great. About 20, I got so busy with life that I literally forgot all about it. One day I looked in the mirror and realized I didn't have a single mark on me. I had a couple minor
  4. The red will eventually be gone, and after that, I don't think you'll be that bad.
  5. You can't just put out a blanket statement, because it depends on a lot of things... What kind of scars... How bad... What a person's expectations are.
  6. Scars or not, sun is a bad thing... The more you stay out of it, the better off you'll be years from now.
  7. So now I'm ignorant... Man, you really have a hard time with people disagreeing with you, don't you.
  8. Sun tends to hide stuff and make it appear a little better... But in my experience, it never pays in the long run. When I look at my forearms compared to the rest of me, the difference is beyond obvious. And I never even spent that much time in the sun. Stay out of it as much as possible is my advice. You'll be glad you did.
  9. Wow... Sounds like somebody's really angry. That's not good for your acne you know.
  10. There's also no clinical proof that food exasperates people's acne, yet everyone is unique and one's individual diet can greatly contribute to breakouts and for others, it doesn't. People do lasers and get damaged, yet you never hear about lawsuits. There would be no point to bring in lawsuits against retin-a, because it has helped others to control their wrinkles. The legality issues with topicals is quite different than say, someone dying during an operation. Besides, I think most people h
  11. You could always make an excuse. Just make sure he knows it's legit and you aren't just blowing him off.
  12. Other than people's claims, there is no clinical proof that the treatments mentioned have that effect. Technically, the top most layers can be thinned, but you are talking about layers that are thinner than paper to begin with. Much thinner. It doesn't thin your skin as a whole. That is a fallacy talked about in the beauty biz circles. If it could really create that much damage, it would have had numerous class action suits brought against it decades ago.
  13. A lot of stuff would make it better, but most has to be done at the time when the wound is fresh. And most people don't have the money or time to be going in that often for every lesion. But technically, yes, you could make the lesions look better than just natural healing.
  14. If it's really bad, you should try to go to a doc. They can possibly make an incision to relieve it. Sounds gross, but that is better than having it there forever and potentially creating damage. Also, if it's that bad, you can also ask what they think about you going on accutane.