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  1. ok so i just bought this product, and a 10% BP gel and i broke out really badly yesterday. im not sure which one broke me out because i used both the day before, but yeah im wondering the same thing
  2. so do you think i would even need to wash my face with a product? or i could just jump in and that would be fine
  3. I am going to be camping at the beach for like 4 days and I want to know if the salt water is good for acne. I am probably not going to be able to wash my face 2 times a day(morning and night) so if i just go into the salt water will that be good for my acne or bad?
  4. I wash my face in the morning and night with strong salicylic acid and BP washes... and after i workout i either just splash my face with water or wash very gently with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  5. hey, i see that you are back... do you think you could let me know the regimen that you are on?


  6. i havent really read through the entire thread... but could anyone tell me if they have had success with this?
  7. i would like to know also, its really convincing... looks really good for you! anyone else have any information?
  8. im not sure, but i dont think you can get the 10% in canada, but the 5% should work just as well. i think all that will do is make it less irritating which might actually be better. anyway good luck
  9. so ive been using this for a while and it has made my acne like 100 times better... but like i said before i still have red marks... which should fade in a couple of months. for some reason, recently, my face has been flaking really badly so im going to stop using the bp for a couple of days to see if it gets better. overall... very good regimen but maybe u might want to use the bp every other day if you have sensitive skin.
  10. where can you buy a pure glycerin soap? i used it once at a friends house and my face looked much better
  11. well it really all depends... that product has a lot of sugar (28grams) and everyone is different. i never took a weight gainer but when i took whey protein my face didnt break out more than it usually did, but i got acne all over my back and shoulders
  12. i would love too know also... my bp cleanser is kind of rough on my skin and i havent found a good moisturizer yet!
  13. hmm well i used to take whey protein and it didnt really make me break out on my face, but my back/shoulders all of a sudden got a lot of acne which i never had before. now i stopped taking why protein and the zits on my back wont go away! but then again, i dont use anything to wash my back with besides soap... maybe i should start using products on it
  14. so i just made one and mine came out like all chunky kinda. is it supposed to be like a paste?
  15. hm i thought everybody did that, i know i always do because i feel like i am going to spread bacteria and stuff all over my face