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  1. Hi everyone, I took accutane back in 2008 and LOVED it! I don't remember my skin being that dry or flakey and the results were great (no breakouts, no oil, no pores). I can't remember what dose I did though. I think it was a lower dose for a longer period. After I stopped, it came back a little (less oil though) but I started on Yaz and then my skin was great again. I got a script for spironolactone and doxycyline too, but only took it periodically bc I didn't really need it. I washed 2x dai
  2. to anyone who has had success with a zinc supplement, what brand is the best? ive read about optizinc and chelated zinc (etc), but it is unclear which one works or which i should take. thanks a bunch!!!!!
  3. ok ive been doing this for about a month. i am happy to report that it works for me! i have mild acne, but lately i haven't broken out at all. i should say additionally i exfoliate with a baby brush and drink/apply green tea. good luck!
  4. ok so i was reading the home remedies section of treatment reviews for the first time. and a ton of the reviews were glowing. now, i want to believe all these natural options, but really how can they all work when we are still all on this site. im not sure i have the patience to try them all. can anyone tell me one they like and how to do it? thanks!!!!
  5. It just makes me so mad that we have advanced so much in technology but this is swept under a rug. Its one thing to try and be accepting of your reflection buts its another to have to put up with the rude remarks of the naive population. I know this may not change anything but I asked Oprah to help us. I don't know if anyone watches the show but she does many similar topics. I'd say alleviating depression and educating the world is right up her alley. Hell, Ill even take advice from Dr. Oz!!
  6. so far ive been on this about a week. everything looks good! no new breakouts!
  7. yea what he said


  8. you better come back in the chat soon fool. :|


  9. It is a well know fact that writing down what you eat is one of the best ways to see the amount you are actually eating and help you cut back. since we are all obviously online a far amount i would suggest this free site: www.fitday.com I use it when i want to lose a few pounds. It really holds you accountable and it gave me things to do other than snack. you can also factor is current and target weight, along with exercise values. i think the key is to make several "custom foods" (what you re
  10. i probably could not give it to anyone.... however....lately my flawless skined roommate/friend/sorority sister has had a few pimples. and thats VERY unusual. it was annoying because she was mega complaining and so i kinda had to set her straight about her luck. i have to be honest...the little devil on my shoulder was happy. she even was desperate enough to ask me to put concealer on her back. and was upset because she could not wear her backless dress. i, thankfully, do not have that prob
  11. i am feeling the trend. i have had bfs/prospects but they all end quickly because i am self conscience. and comparability i dont think i have that bad of skin, mostly scarrs and pores. i can go out and look pretty but in a couple hours i feel like my makeup is wearing off or i look oily. even if they dont notice..i do. its the same for activities. i always plan you know ok cant go swimming, need some breaks to go powder my nose, ohh i already took off my makeup... go without me. i feel comfort
  12. i really think avage works well for bringing blackhead to the surface. i get it from my derm and its a bit pricey but well worth it! and it smooths scarring and prevents wrinkles!