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  1. An overpopulation of microscopic demodex skin mites can cause these symptoms. Blackheads, folliculitis, pustules and papules, body acne, scalp acne are all signs of demodex. They may also cause red eyes, blepharitis (swollen lids), styes, etc. "Acne" may appear cyclical as the mites live and die on a 2-3 week cycle. The mites eat oil so diet changes or drugs like accutane/birth control pills/spiralactone that reduce oiliness may appear to help but only while taking them. Reducing skin oil
  2. The Regimen contains ingredients that work on Bacterial Acne. So either its not effective against the type of bacteria you may have OR its not bacterial acne. Based on the fact that you say your face is red and you appear to have acne, that leaves 2 possible options: a fungal infection OR microscopic demodex skin mites. Seborrheic dermatitis caused by fungus can make your face red, dry and flaky but doesn't typically cause acne. Since you say your face is red and you have acne, Rosacea
  3. Folliculitis can be caused by bacteria, fungus or an overpopulation of microscopic demodex skin mites. Since this is on the body, the Borax - Epsom Salt bath soak might help. Borax is anti-microbial and kills demodex, fungus and bacteria. OB/GYN doctors have been prescribing it for over 30 years to treat stubborn yeast (candida fungus) infections. It works. For a standard 5 foot bath tub: 1. Fill tub with pleasantly warm water. If the water is too hot, you may pass out or get o
  4. Find a dermatologist who knows how to test you for microscopic Demodex Skin Mites. Demdex can cause acne like symptoms. The skin mites eat oil. The condition may respond initially to antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs since the demodex can track bacteria or fungus around the skin and back down into the pores and oil glands when they come out to mate at night. Demodicosis can be cyclical, since demodex live on a 2-3 week cycle. When they die they create pustules that look like acne pimple
  5. I had demodex for decades misdiagnosed as bacterial acne by 4 board certified dermatologists. None of them ever ran one test to find out why all the prescription drugs failed to cure it. A 5th dermatologist actually knew what it was and how to test for it. The 2 week oral treatment worked for me. Note: The following treatments work for demodex skin mites only. They will not work for fungal folliculitis/acne or bacterial acne. Best Treatment: 2 week, highly effective, cheap generic
  6. Looks like one of 3 possible causes. Each has a completely different treatment. A good dermatologist should be able to run tests to determine the exact problem. 1. Folliculitis - Fungal - needs antifungal treatment. Topical and stronger oral treatments are available. Aussie Scientist has many knowledgeable posts on the topic on this forum. 2. Demodex Follicullorum - Caused by an over population of the common demodex skin mite. Treatment with Ivermectin topical or Oral Ivermectin
  7. Folliculitis can have 3 different causes: bacteria, fungus or microscopic demodex skin mites. The treatment for each type is completely different. Its important to get it diagnosed. A knowledgeable dermatologist can and will run tests to determine the cause. Regrettably many old school dermatologists just do visual exams. Before making an appointment make sure the dermatologists will do tests. If they don't do tests, keep looking until you find one that does. Body acne/folliculitis
  8. The regime targets the bacterial form of acne. Your acne may have a different cause. Acne can be caused by bacteria, fungus or microscopic demodex skin mites. The treatment for each type of acne is completely different. To succeed at clearing the acne, you have to get the correct type of treatment. A good, knowledgeable dermatologist can test your skin for the exact cause. Regrettably, many old school dermatologists just do visual exams without doing actual tests. When locating a qualif
  9. Body acne can be caused by bacteria, fungus or microscopic demodex skin mites. All 3 types of infections can cause folliculitis, blackheads skin papules, pustules, etc. One simple over the counter remedy for body acne is the Borax - Epsom salts bath soak. Borax is anti-microbial. It can kill fungus and demodex. Gynecologists have recommended the borax soak for stubborn yeast infections for 30+ years. For a standard 5 foot bath tub: 1. Fill tub with pleasantly warm water.
  10. Have you been tested for a fungal infection or demodex skin mites? Folliculitis can be caused by bacteria, fungus or demodex. The treatment for each cause is completely different. It is also possible that the anti-bacterial hibclens is making a fungal infection worse. If your skin condition is cyclical it could be demodex. Demodex skin mites live and die on a 2-3 week cycle. With demodex the pustules occur when the mites die. It is also possible to have demodex with either a bacteria
  11. The raised bumps look like papules. There are several possible causes. Hyperplasia or sebaceous cyst is one - that's just a blocked oil gland. Microscopic demodex skin mites can also cause these. Papules are common in Rosacea Sub Type 2 with pustules and papules. Demodex skin mites eat oil - one type lives in the pores the other lives in the oil glands. Everyone has at least a few of these skin mites. They are not a problem until they get overpopulated and start clogging up pores and g
  12. I'm glad the Borax helped. Demodex are very tricky to count under a microscope. They don't like light so they tend to scuttle to the edge of the slide.
  13. Possible, but its best to get a competent dermatologist to test your skin to get an accurate diagnosis. Recommend you get tested for bacterial infection, fungal infection and demodex. If hormones are an issue they can do blood tests for hormone and thyroid hormone levels. The treatment for each of these skin conditions is completely different. Once you get the diagnosis nailed down, they can prescribe the right treatment to clear the skin.
  14. Recommend that you get a dermatologist to test you for microscopic demodex skin mites and a possible fungal infection. Both can cause folliculitis. The treatment for each cause is completely different. That is why it is important to get tested. If its fungus, you will need an anti-fungal treatment. If the cause is demodex, you need an anti-parasitic treatment. Everybody over the age of 5 has demodex skin mites. A healthy immune system normally keeps the mite population in check. The
  15. Did the doctor do any tests to diagnose the cause of the acne before prescribing istretinoin? Did they identify the specific cause as being bacterial, fungal, microscopic demodex skin mites or hormonal? They can do diagnostic tests to nail down the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, many doctors don't bother to test. They do visual exams and basically guess. Isotretinoin reduces the skin's oil output. The first 3 causes feed off of the skin oil. So it doesn't directly attack the