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  1. 4 MONTHS POST SECOND SUBCISION Ok so it has been almost 1 year since i started this journey and i must say that im absolutely overjoyed with the results. My scars has improved more than 60% overall. Some almost 100% and the deepest ones about 50%. The edges are not sharp anymore and the scars depth has been lifted big time. Dr Igor Safanov is a special character who might seem like a crazy scientist sometimes but he definitely is an expert in his field and the results says everything. Its hard t
  2. Hey man. Yes for sure that is swelling. Me personally i have done a full laser treatment on my scars but from the precious treatments i have done (subcision, microneedling and microdermabrasion) i know that it takes about 3 weeks before the swelling goes down. Ofc it is varies from person to person but please let us know in a couple of weeks! Good luck. PS. I stronly recommend subcision and microneedling!
  3. I have reported the comment above as trolling, but admins have not taken action for whatever reason. (I wont quote this person because it is just a waste of time arguing with trolls.) So please for the rest of u who have seen obvious improvement in subcision please spread the word about this great treatment! Here is some proof that it works. These photos are taken from Mr Matt's inspiring thread were he showcased the results following 4 subcisions!
  4. SECOND TREATMENT DONE IN 15/1 Hey guys, i met with Dr. Igor on monday and had a second treatment done. It went good except that he missed one scar but it is ok, it seemed like he was in a hurry. I will talk to him and let him finish that spot on another occasion. We did subcision, microneedling, microdermabrasion and even some fraxel laser. I had a scar around the smile dimple line (dont know the exact name sorry) around my mouth that actually got much deeper which i am very dis
  5. I have hade just one and i see maybe 10% improvement. Did u have better resultat?
  6. 1 MONTH POST TREATMENT Hello all you narcissistic f***s!!!!!.... jk.. So i met with Dr. Igor today and we had a good talk about the results and so on. He took some pictures with the same angles and lighting so that we could compare. The results are kind of underwhelming but im glad that we at least are headed in the right direction. I guess this is what they call "baby steps". I would say its a 20% improvement on the deepest most visible scars and perhaps a 30% improvement on the smaller ones.
  7. 3 WEEKS POST TREATMENT Ok, so i have not been very Good att keeping up with the suctioning and now it seems like my scars are back att square one almost. I would say the worst ones have improved about 20% att most when it comes to the depth. But the texture is strongly improved. My Dr says it takes about 6-8 weeks for the collagen to rebuild so we'll see what happens. I Guess i was way too excited for a while haha. Maybe i'll need 3 treatments to really be satisfied.
  8. 2 WEEKS POST TREATMENT There is still some bruising from the suctioning but im getting there. I think a second treatment will really seal the deal. Check out these before/afters and plz let me know what you think!
  9. @Katski84 Hey there, thanks alot. Yes actually he did use a Nokor needle. There was alot of popping sounds which is a good sign! He currently does not offer fillers but he said he will in the future. Im following your thread as well and would love to see you put up a proper before/after comparison photo! Respect <3
  10. @incepticon Thanks for the answer mate. Yes you should definitely go and see him for a consultation. I paid 5000kr, thats roughly $550. I think it was worth it for sure! @Kratosandboy Hey i appreciate your comment and im happy you follow this thread. regarding the Vitamin C, i have it powder form (ascorbic acid). Have you tried any skin routines that has helped your complexion? @SimonandScarfunkel Hey bro, thx for checking in. Please link your thread if you have any. If you dont i think it
  11. VITAMIN C Ok since nobody gives a shit about this log im gonna turn it into a diariy. Dear diariy, i have recently started applying Vitamin C on my face once a day for 30 min. I have heard alot of great things about it and i look forward to give my face a new glow while rebuilding collagen on the scars that are recovering from the treatment. I mix 1/4 tsp Ascorbic acid + 1 tsp destilled water + 1tsp Aloe Vera. I will increase the Vitamin C in a couple of days. Hope for the best!!
  12. 1 WEEK POST TREATMENT! So far i would say that this treatment has yielded great results with improvements ranging from 30-40% on the worse scars, 50-60% on moderate scars and even 100% on the small ones around and between the bigger scar areas. They have dissapeared all togheter. The sharp edges have been filed down and now finally i can check myself in the mirror without being taken back by the rough look my scars used to give my face. I remember sometimes when i flipped through my phone and
  13. I see a clear change in texture and a nice 20% improvement in the scars. Good job!
  14. Thats interesting. I just hade subcision, microneedling and deep microdermabrasion. How Long does it usually take for the swelling to go down? Im on Day 4 post treatment and it looks really Good. I just hope its not all swelling!