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  1. There are so many cleanses. I shouldn['t talk now because I'm not eating well and living rather hedonistically, but I do have experience with all this. You want to do a colon cleanse for sure. Go to any good health food or herbal pharmacy and someone should help you. Also google it. The principles are always the same. Juice cleanses are the best. Cut out all bad stuff, plus meat and sugar, for two weeks, then do a three day juice fast with herbal support. Then you should stay as pure as you can,
  2. beanHOLES -- Do NOT drink ANY alcohol, at all EVER. It's clear from your posts that you could have roseaca or possible rhinophyma, which is just seriosuly aggravated by alcohol, and you mention that you have a reaction every time you drink. Please cut it completely out of your life while you seek a good treatment. Also, spicy foods aggravate your condition, avoid those as well. A good internal cleanse is a must for you.
  3. I want to repeat what I have posted on this board before. I did a laser treatment about nine years ago that totally removed all my mild to medium scars. I had two more severe scars that were excised. But all those medium scars were what made my face look like the surface of the moon, and they were TOTALLY removed. And they do not come back. I don't understand why people have such bad results with lasers. It seems like if they're burning your skin off, you can't help but see some serious c
  4. I just wanted to post something that helped me in beginning the long journey of breaking out of the acne prison. About eleven years ago, before a lot of treatments that helped me, I was very miserable and pretty much thinking constantly about my skin, and hiding all the time. I wore a lot of makeup to cover up the breakouts, which of course made it worse . . . Anyway, one night I was out walking my dog alone in a quiet and dark neighborhood, and I noticed that as I was coming to a big streetli
  5. For those of you with the hellish problem of picking, OCD, body dysmorphic illness, et cetera . . . For pimples, try covering them with something really good like Manuka Honey and putting little round bandaids on them at night. RIght after you get out of the shower -- while the mirror is still steamy and you can't see yourself and get attracted to examining yourself -- just treat them, cover them up and put on a long sleeved high necked shirt so you can't stare at your chest or shoulders, etc w
  6. Trust me, picking is the worst thing ever. I know it about as well as anyone can know anything. Do all the recommended regimens on this website -- your skin will improve. Diet, exercise, the right products, etc. You always create more breakouts when you irritate the skin. I know how difficult it is, and even now I do clean out my pores manually, but I've become very gentle about it and I know what the limitations are. I've fucked myself up so badly in the past that I've become quite shocke
  7. I suppose this is what I had, and it led to horrendous consequences that ruled my life for many years. I am still trying to reduce the scars, and I'm almost to the point where I can use very little makeup and look relatively normal. Though I will never look totally normal without makeup. The worst part of it for me is the shame aspect. I hid my behavior as much as possible, and the hiding was what controlled my life. There were a few moments when comments were made in front of people about my
  8. I also wanted to add that along with using the vinegar topically, ingesting it regularly is very good -- but I'd recommend using only non-processed vinegar. That makes a big difference because it has a lot of nutrients and enzymes that get killed off in the processing. Braggs sells a great unprocessed vinegar and you can buy it by the gallon! It's usually in the health food stores.
  9. Sorry, folks, but this solution is just not working for me. I started using this vinegar/oil mixture on my back everyday after my morning shower for about 2 weeks now and have not really seen an improvement. I guess I will just add this my list of topical treatments that have failed. I don't mean to be a downer, as it seems this actually worked for some people on this board, but I wanted people to know that is does not work for everyone. I'm sorry it isn't working for you, perhaps ther
  10. All of a sudden I've started getting very, very tiny little pimples all over my shoulders and back. And there are so MANY of them, they seem almost like a rash, but they are just these really little pimples, not deep at all. And they seem to appear like, right before my eyes. What the hell? This has been going on for months now, I have no idea why. Has anyone ever had anything like this?
  11. I might be world's expert on hypertrophic scarring, I'm not kidding. I've had those scars, badly, for years and I've tried EVERYTHING and researched this extensively. If you really have hypertophic scarring, needling CAN make it worse. Because the scar tissue wants to grow, it always wants to grow back. And injuring the skin will stimulate more scar tissue to grow. If it's a keloid it will just keep growing beyond the bounds of the scar. Both these types of scars will grow back time and again.
  12. I just wanted to share that I have scars that are very noticeable, and they have made my life hell for a while. I was posting on this board a lot about 2 months ago, and I was really having a crisis over it. I was on my way to meet a guy who I had never seen in person before, we had only been writing to each other. I was TERRIFIED and sick inside to meet him with these scars. Well, he seemed to see right past them. Like pretty much all the men who have ever been attracted to me. I can't tell you
  13. I live in a very remote area. We don't even have a dermatologist, let alone a plastic surgeon. I would have to get on a plane to get out of here. It sucks. There are no treatments offered where I live, that was why I was trying to help my scars myself. I see. Well there are some things you can order online that can help, and things you can do at home, to start improving the situation. Then you can maybe plan for a future trip to the nearest town with a dermatologist. Where are you?
  14. Hm, this is an interesting thread because I"m new to this board but I"ve been posting on the scar section (cause that's what I've got) and I've posted a lot about my mental state lately, because I went through a very, very bad time in the past two weeks. Since then I"ve been offering emotional support to whoever is deeply suffering with scars, because I know exactly how bad it gets. It never occurred to me to think of these people as attention getters. I know that's not what I am. When I said
  15. I leave it on and don't wash it off. I think you could use the other things after you use it as a toner without any problem. It works great for me, I can't believe I didn't know about it before. Also combine it with egg white face masks and fresh aloe vera, and my pores are really closing up and my skin tone is really evening out.