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  1. Not if you wash your hair regularly. The oil on your hair can make your face breakout. Well at least from my experience. So just make sure you keep it clean and you shouldnt have any problems.
  2. Acne has definetly changed me for the better! When my skin was clear (freshman year of highschool) I thought I was untouchable. I used to be one of those superficial girls that looked past every guy that wasnt "hot". Then acne hit and my life felt like it was crashing. I isolated myself from everyone. Over time I had to face the facts and just live with it. I began to see how superficial my "friends" actually were and I started to drift away from them. I started to realize that looks arent
  3. From my personal experience it is the best makeup ive tried. im not trying to persuade you into buying it and ive been a member on these boards for like ages! actually i dont want more people to buy it cuz then they would discover my secret. lol I was just sick of buying makeup in supermarkets that make my skin feel heavy and that looked caked on. I know loads of people here want to find the best makeup for them and im just trying to help out. Its very natural looking and light and allows my ski
  4. Lately ive been using orange juice on my skin as a type of mask. Orange juice has ascorbic acid in it which is meant to exfoliate your skin. Ive been using it for about 6 days now and my marks have faded a bit but the best part is that my skin is actually glowing. It has improved my skin tone so much! After washing my face i apply it with a cotton ball and leave it on for bout 20 mins then wash it off. Sometimes I mix it with a bit of lemon. Im surprised I havent seen anything on the boards abou
  5. I love BE! I dont go anywhere without it. Ive used it for bout 2 and a half years. Every other makeup ive tried has caused me to break out except BE. My sister has scarring and its hardly noticeable when she uses it and it covers my red marks really well.
  6. OH NO! Theres flouride in the tap water I use to wash my face! I dont think there is a lot of flouride in the tap water but I had no idea it broke you out. Maybe thats why people who use bottled water to wash there face notice a difference.
  7. I remember my sister telling me once that humans have more bacteria in their mouths than dogs do. Something to do with their saliva that kills bacteria. It sounds like it would work somewhat but I dunno.
  8. Na, just let it go. If they are that retarded you know that this isnt the first time something like this happened to one of their customers. Im sure they get feedback all the time for all the wrong shit they do. Why waste gas money and energy to return the products you bought just to show them their mistakes. Im sure they know how stupid they are and one day their manager is gonna find out as well (if they dont already know) and that will probably be the end of it. Although if you have any more
  9. Im not being cocky. The regimen stopped working for me ages ago. although I still use it on my nose to control oil (cuz my nose always gets shiny dutring the day). Mind you I was on the regimen for 2 years and it would be strange to see it amazingly start working now.