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  1. What???? Grad school is free there?????? OMG. Those Euro guys have it good. BTW, yours scars don't look bad to me, if I can get mine down to yours, I'd be pretty happy. Mine are bad. Geez, I didnt realize it takes that many sessions. How far apart between sessions and what's the recovery time for each? If it takes 3 months to see results after 3-4 sessions, I am guessing 1 month apart? Did you do the TCA cross in between each sub session? How long do those holes take to close up? Seen some of
  2. Prob because you are exceedingly young , naïve, or both. Unless you are brad Pitt who has problems of his own, you need self confidence and marketable traits. Let's see a guy who is a professional is going to get plenty of cute girls even with bad acne scars. Trust me on that one.
  3. What? His wife is french? Haha. Thanks for sharing. He seems like a nice guy and have plenty of business not to worry about money. But lasers cost money so they do have to charge to pay off their equipment, staff, overhead, and make a profit too. Many doctors have a big debt at 7% interest when they leave school.
  4. Thanks for the info! I am going to have to do a lot of back reading. I don't have the large amount of money that these guys want for lasers etc. A derm might be cheaper than a plastic surgeon. I think I will do subcis then TCA and needling to make it look better. Might do dermapen on my own at 0.75-1.5mm for texture since it's not going 3mm+ into the dermis. I definitely like to read as much as I can before messing with my face. Some of the guys on youtube do dermanpen and rolling without even s
  5. I went to see a plastic surgeon and he recommended laser or dermabrasion. This was before I did any research on YT. It seems many have luck with subcision and TCA cross first. My doctor never mentioned it. He said I may need 2-3 treatments of abrasion. It seems to me that subcision would release the scar tissue first and then dermabrasion can smooth out all the scar tissue. It almost seems counterintuitive to do dermabrasion before subcision. I think my quote for dermabrasion was $1500. I am not
  6. How many TCA treatments are they supposed to get?
  7. Your doctor seems kind of bad, hate to say it. Watching Dr. Lim on YT and others, they are supposed to fill the pits not outside of it. PRP helps you heal faster, like within a few days versus a week. It's not necessary but helps with the healing process. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Basically the serum with all the natural growth factors etc that activate immune pathways to help bring other cells to come heal the area (at least molecular bio was good for something finally).
  8. Wow. Your scars don't look too bad. You should see mine. Awful. Was the first doctor "Renee" really a doctor? The subsiciion needle is supposed to be a little flat at the end not just a plain old injecting needle. I am still confused by TCA+ subsicion. Do they do both at the same time? Subcision then TCA cross? Don't the skin need a little time to heal before doing the acid? I know subcision is just cutting the scar tissue between the epidermis and dermis and shouldn't affect TCA. I am just not