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  1. hey paul long time no speak any way just wishen you good luck with the tane bro hope every thing clears up fast and easy
  2. benzaclin doesnt need to be refrigerated
  3. I know benzaclin has clindamycin in it maybe It is too irritating for you try a non-medicated moisturizer
  4. I have never bleached anything with bp and If I have I never noticed it
  5. every one has there opinions but my sig explains why john kerry is so retarted and would not help our country at all
  6. greedy corprate interest? john kerry is worth more then him and michael moore just wants attention
  7. dead skin cells cause acne when they clouge a pore and skin cells are always shedding so there is no way to prevent it other then exfoliation and that doesnt always help
  8. I like suave juicy green apples shampoo It smells awsome
  9. link Its abouts all the cyclines or what ever
  10. I hated those the hardly even stick and fall off easy and never ever worked for me
  11. turbo


    link there is a link
  12. indoor tanning is safer because you get a standarized mixture of uva and uvb rays to minimize burning and outdoor tanning you dont know how much sun you are getting so you are more likey to burn and when you burn is when you are damaging the skin