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  1. i don't think anything external can cause breakouts, unless you slather butter on your scalp and face, and sprinkling some bacteria on it.
  2. LOL! the clinique in my local mall has a salesperson who is a gorgeous blonde in a lab coat with a little acne scarring underneath makeup. but it's not in a macy's. haha! nice story, girl. not everyone has perfect skin, so we can all relate!
  3. just keep the pincette clean and don't damage the skin surrounding the blackhead and you'll be fine.
  4. Actually doesn't do anything for oil or pores. Its for acne not oil production!
  5. hey hey. thanks for spreading the OCM which worked for you and hopefully will work for others. wish you great skin!

  6. This works. Immediate oil reduction and pores became more refined. Don't need to take so much for mild cases. Helps synthesize oil.
  7. dark skin hyperpigmentizes (lol. that a word?) more easily. I hate it! but on the plus side, pimples won't show as much... just the brown spots after.
  8. I love compliments. I love to act like "oh no *blush blush*" but deep down i'm like "thank u thank u *bow*"
  9. ^ Oh, I didn't mean that the origin of using oil to wash was from the Japanese; I meant the first cleansing oil was invented by Shu Uemura (Japanese) and has been used in Asia for a long time (not thousands of years back, but in the modern era) as a cleanser. Here in the West Cleansing Oils are not as popular as water based cleansers. (I remember when MAC first introduced their own Cleansing Oil people were like "What? How is it going to work? Won't it clog pores" etc... ) And yes, sure, olive o
  10. i have no idea what thick socks people wear to sleep look like, and I don't intend to find out. plus, alfani (sp?) doesn't sound fashionable, and I've never even heard of it. So, if you give a damn, trash it. If you don't, by all means, wear it if you like it.