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  1. Good luck with the Minocycline, if you dont see good results in a few months I would go back to the derm, because in MY experience, if they dont work in this time period then its unlikely that they will work at all.
  2. Hey J.Baker, so you didnt get the roaccutane. I was on Minocycline before and I think it was about the only antibiotic that made a slight improvement. When I wemt to the specialist derm he told me that Minocycline was the only antbiotic that was effective with acne, he basically told me that the others are rubbish and I might as well be popping vitamins. Anyway the Minocycline never cleared me up much and I went off it because I had been on it for a long time. Though these drugs work differently
  3. I never scarred ever with my acne, probably because I never picked at it. Roaccutane gave me a few red marks where existing spots were, although these seem to have faded, they arent a big deal though.
  4. Thanks I was on it for four months taking 65mg a day. I took 40mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening. I have been off it just over two months and have been completely clear since. I know what you mean about worrying about it coming back, I was the same and still am a little bit. Even the derm said the oilyness might come back and I really hope it doesnt. Its just so strange now that I'm not talking pills or rubbing creams on my face each night, all I do now is wash my face with a gentle c
  5. Hi everyone I just thought I would come back and post on the board to share my success story. I know when I used these boards during my treatment that it was brilliant to hear of other peoples success, gave me hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Also I want to thank any members that answered my questions or concerns and I hope you have all had some success too. I had acne for seven years since I was about 15. I had tried nearly everything and had been on antibiotics for month
  6. When I was on roaccutane I used Boots Skin Kindly Gentle foaming wash. If you live in the UK you should give it a try. Its purple, on their website too. Thats all I used, has aloe vera in it which helps. Good luck!
  7. As far as I know it just makes it less effective, same way as iron and indegestion remedies can affect the effectiveness of some antibiotics. I dont think you have to cut out milk altogether, just dont take it with your pill and for a short time later. Best of luck.
  8. Not trying to hurt your feelings, just wanted to say you are a selfish and immature excuse for a person.
  9. Ive only a week left of my course and it has been successful, I havent had any active acne on my face, just a few red marks. My back hasnt any new acne on it and is pretty much smooth to touch but ihave loads of red marks. Will they or should they disappear? Would appreciate it if anyone had any ideas on how to get rid of them or even reduce the redness. Thanks in advance