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  1. Seriously please please I’m desperate, someone must have gome through the same thing as I did
  2. How common is Hair loss on low dose accutane? I was on 20 mg daily for 21 days and it felt like my hair was already falling out, so I stopped cold feey,I’m afraid my acne will come back since I don’t know if I can use topicals ob my face again. I don’t want tl lose my hair. Accutane takes a toll at my mental wise,but acne does too. When can I use topicame again? Should I keep going on accutane? Idk what to do and my derm refuses to see me
  3. Fermina

    I need hope

    I’m 16 days into accutane and my skin feel so rough and bumpy. Is this normal? I’m on a low dose course(20 mg per day) there are lots of bumps that can only been seen with the right light
  4. Fermina

    I need hope

    I dont really like birth control. I think this whole shitshow was caused by an implanon
  5. Fermina

    I need hope

    Thank, I'm on my 12 day of accutane, Apparently since my severe depression is caused by my skin condition I'm supposed to take it with supervision, but I have been handling my mental health with the help of a psychiatrist since age 12. I still don't want to take it though. I have been checked for PCOS, some doctors think i have it, while others say I don't. I have some facial hair(not really that much,I think it was mostly caused because when I was young some stupid doctor decided to put hidro
  6. Fermina

    I need hope

    I’m a 25 yesr old female with mild acne and sebhorreic dermatitis. I just started a course of accutane 20 mg a day. I’m very scared, everytime i take the pill I get anxious and want to vomit because I think I’m damging my body and my skin and isotret is only going to make things worse for me, but apparently they gave it to me because nothing else seema to qork, but I come here and all I read is people saying how it ruined their lifes and their skin and how horrible it is and maybe my skin isnt t
  7. Please help. I’m very scared of taking isotrer, with every pill I take I feel worse, everytime I take one I feel so bad, I have only taken 3 but I get very anxius taking them, I feel horrible aftee taking them, like that I shouldny be doing it, that somethin bad is going to happen to me and its going to ruin my face, I’m so scared, I’m scared of taking accutane I dont know what to do. I dont want to take this drug, I want to belive is going to help but I’m scared, I have read so many horrible st
  8. Hi everyone I'm 25 years old, over the past years i have been battling mild but persistant acne I have taking 3 months of antibiotics and had pretty much tried everything besides accutane, except 2 days ago I swallow my first pill. Today is my second day of treatment and I'm very scared. I'm a low dose: 20 mg x day. I weight about 54 kg, Idk what's in lb I guess around 110ish? Overtime I swallow the pill I get really scared. I'm already dry per se because of my SD and i'm scared is going to get
  9. Hey I know this is is pretty old but I actually took a test to see how many demuxed where in my lessions and came back positive (there were too many per camps since they are actually normal habitant) I was given ivermectin and soolanra(same but topical) anyone got better from that?
  10. Fermina

    Acne has ruined my life

    Thank you so much and thank you for being so supportive. Right now seems to be getting better. Also I forgot to add I've been using soolantra too. Apparently sometimes demodicosis could be mistaken for hormonal acne because the lessions appear when the mites die off (14-15 days)
  11. Fermina

    Acne has ruined my life

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I’ve been doing so muc better right now mentally and skin wise. I think. I hope to keep this up. I’ve been taking Reishi and using a line call Epiology. Wish actually helps me and its not drying. Maybe is too soon to tell.
  12. Fermina

    Acne has ruined my life

    But to me, is the worst my skin has look in years.
  13. Fermina


    Have you consider PF? Do you wear head bands or something like that?
  14. Fermina

    Acne has ruined my life

    I was given oral ivermectine as well as topical. The thing is my skin was pretty much clear, even when the signs of pcos like facial hair and all that. People even asked me what do you put on your face. Your skin is amazing. I remember when I think everything started. I was at the gym, took a shower and my skin was itchy and got a burning sensation, at the same time I started experiencing hot flashes that became more more recurring. The stress was so bad because my skin felt like it was on fi
  15. Fermina

    Acne has ruined my life

    what I meant by that is that there was a time I thought. Since this started 8 months ago that maybe I had a fungal infection or something else. I even gor analysis and came back positive for demodex spp. Thank you so much. Really. I know we are just strangers in the internet but I think I just needed to get it all out. I know looks are not really what matters, that me becoming a good doctor has nothing to do with how I look, what scares me the most is that none wil love me looking like this.