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  1. I've gotten horribly hammered while taking spironolactone a number of times and never had any problems (except the usual hangovers!).
  2. Spironolactone (SL) is very soluble (relatively) in ethanol and not a whole lot else. The rate of solubility is about 1:36 (one gram of SL to 36 grams of ethanol). So, starting from the pills, here's how I did my extraction: 1.) Ground 30 25mg pills into a fine powder. Total contents should be 750mg. 2.) Added the ground pills to 30ml (more than is needed by a little) 98% pharmaceutical grade ethanol in a small beaker. 40% vodka always works fine and is probably easier for most people to pro
  3. So I've got a new formulation of topical spironolactone that I've been trying out, extracted from the pills I have. So far so good, I'll post up info later on how I made it if I feel it works out for me in the longer term. Still got small amounts of acne but it (and sebum secretion) seems reduced. Crossing my fingers my skin won't go bazonkers again in the next few weeks! lol.. The new formulation also is very easy to apply, clear and dries fast, still has the spiro mint smell for about an
  4. not totally, i still had a little acne, but less of the cystic and nasty sort even on oral spiro i'd get acne every now and then, but it'd be like one lesion every month or so i'm thinking about going back on topical spiro because my face is starting to scar up kind of bad and it's driving me nuts
  5. it was near impossible for me to gain muscle on spiro, at least like i'd used to. i was always a little bloated and chubby on it, to my disappointment, even if I did an hour of cardio one day and then weight training the next continuously
  6. Try searching for "niacinamide", another name for the compound. Many herbal and dietary supplement suppliers sell it, it's very cheap.
  7. The risk of cancer may not be enormously high from spironolactone, and even with things that are very carcinogenic the risk usually does not mean you will grow a tumour. With cigarettes, it's likely that only 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 of lifetime cigarette smokers will die of a cancer related to smoking. For me the other side effects were bad enough to make me never want to take it again, and the very bad side effects is why I still continue to refuse isotretinoin despite every other treatment failing.
  8. My dad had bad acne into his 30s and my siblings were mostly spared except my sister when she was younger. My mom had crystal clear skin. I'm the only one with really severe acne and I'm almost 23.
  9. The "masturbation increases DHT" thing doesn't make sense to me. DHT is tied to prostate cancer, and increased masturbation in men is correlated to decreased incidence of prostate cancer. Anyway, here's a study:
  10. Retin-A was pretty useless for me -- all it did was make my skin really rough, red, and irritated, while only marginally reducing my acne. Not to mention less than stellar toxicology in lower order mammals. I'm staying away from it these days.