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  1. hi guys i finished accutane in january and haven't had a major breakout since. heres some pics with the last one being the only new one. any questions drop me a line
  2. yes, the scars on my back are now bumps because of the injections, they smoothed out a bit though
  3. i got finished taking accutane and i had some bad scars, then the doctors suggested injections, so i had that done. now it feels like i have huge lumps in my back like cysts! tell me it will go down, im severely depressed!
  4. trust me dude, my acne got worse towards the end, it didn't get better until i was finished. i know you're discouraged and i was as well, but keep it up you're doing great
  5. hello, i just finished 7 months of accutane specifically for my back. although i did get bad cysts on my face. my verdict? no matter how bad your skin gets on accutane push forward. i did get one nasty scar while i was on it, but i got an appointment in march to get them removed. the few breakouts you get is pretty much getting rid of the last amount of acne on your body. it is harsh, and my face cleared up first, but it gets better trust me. i literally have no acne on my back, just skin pigmen
  6. what the fuck is this. i have no facial acne its the body acne thats the problem, i already have gross scars, but now i have painful acne on my back and the front of my left trap, im just getting it in wierd places. i keep hearing about accutane being a "miracle drug" but so far its been nothing but dry lips and nose bleeds. theres no way im going on it again
  7. i mean, my whole life i had body issues. i was fat, then annorexic, then i got in shape by working out, then bam, acne outbreak all over my body, any chance i get i'll cover up. but now i kinda wish my gf, had the same thing. just to be more accepted and accepting to others. anyone else feel the same?
  8. day 34- again face is really clear, but i still have big red cysts on my shoulders and my lower back. i don't know if i should give up anything im eatting or let the accutane do its stuff but so far im not impressed. my arms are dry too. im only on 40mg do i need a higher dose?
  9. day 28- ok i'd like to say that this is a miracle drug, but so far im not enjoying it. the large scar on my right shoulder just got larger, and i still bleed from time to time. i have up any dairy just recently. so no protein shakes, milk or cheese for me. my face really cleared but i only had a few zits anyway. that wasn't my main concern. i had a follow up with my derm and i completely lost it when he said this looks so bad. i snapped and said well wtf can i do about it. you tell me its not d
  10. day 15- i broke out like crazy all over my back is this normal im really worried
  11. also if anyone is paranoid on accutane. i suggest cutting out dairy for a while. i mean all of it. milk, cottage cheese, anything. my acne was actually alot worse than the first picture i posted, and i noticed alot of it died down. coincidence? i don't know. but after my trial im gonna keep off dairy and hopefully my outbreak won't comeback. i know lot of people will disagree with me that dairy is the problem. but when i see half of my gym buddies broken out. i think it relates. they take someth
  12. day 9- well im drying up alot now, in my lips and my back is really flaky, i seem to have an initial breakout and my scars faded a bit still noticable. long way to go yet, hope things get better
  13. bacacnick

    bacacnick's back acne hell

    taking 40mg a day hope this shit works
  14. ok i didn't take my fourth pill today. i don't fell great today kinda have a headache and a sore throat not sure if its the accutane. anyways im just posting some pics of my progress. the first is before taking accutane and the second is day 3. im happy with the results http://img245.imageshack.us/my.php?image=s5003170qj6.jpg http://img245.imageshack.us/my.php?image=back2fc2.jpg its not much but its a start